Cosmetics Brands

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Cosmetics Brands
Discover the right makeup brands for you.

Beauty may only be skin deep, but the type of cosmetics brands placed on your face will enhance what you possess naturally. Different makeup manufactures do formulate and create different products to match a woman's specific concerns.

Variety of Cosmetics Brands

From the historical Avon lady to the modern world of Ecco Bella, the variety of products offered to makeup customers is simply astounding. Before you pick up that eyebrow pencil or the mascara wand, take a tour of the most common cosmetics brands in the market today. Once you have discovered a few that spark your interest, take that list on the town.

Specific Brands

There is an array of cosmetic brands that can fit any woman's needs. From the higher end brands such as MAC and Estee Lauder to budget-friendly choices such as Maybelline and Cover Girl, cosmetics can cater to a woman's specific concerns as well as budget.

Many brands focus on a specific type of makeup, such as the Bare Escentuals line which focuses on mineral makeup. Lines such as Almay and Neutrogena are designed for those with sensitive skin issues and contain products that are natural and do not clog pores.

Understand Skin Types and Coloring

The key to finding the right cosmetics brands is also determining your needs. Ideally you should create a list of what you expect your makeup to do for you. Utilize this register in researching products and manufacturers. Challenge makeup artists and salespeople to help you find solutions within their product line.

While creating this list, keep these three basic functions of appearance in mind.

  • Skin condition: Oily or dry, young or old, skin is different for each person and your cosmetics will need to match the correct conditions.
  • Extra concerns: Acne, wrinkles, freckles are all examples of extra concerns woman face when creating a look. Be sure your cosmetic products manage these for you.
  • Coloring: Skin, hair and eye color play a large role in determining the perfect makeup for your face. Take a good look in a magnifying mirror and note color details. It is also important to take a step back and look at your whole body, this overall color combination is also relevant to consider.

Start Your Search

Different brands focus on different aspects; some are designed for certain skin types or tones, while others are focused on aspects such as organic ingredients or offering inexpensive makeup products for the consumer. Consider what is most important to you when selecting beauty products. Enjoy the process of researching makeup choices and cosmetics brands. The thirst for beauty should be fun and enticing; learn all that you can to maximize the picture you present to the world around you.

Cosmetics Brands