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Article Highlight: What Makeup Does Oprah Wear

Being an influential female figure in the public eye, it's no wonder that an abundance of women want to know how Oprah creates her makeup look. Find out some of the products that her makeup artists have used… Keep reading »

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Celebrity Makeup
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Learning about celebrity makeup has real world application. Not only can a celebrity's style help to inspire, but it can also help you to learn different techniques that may be perfect for your particular style!

Celebrating Diversity

Here at LoveToKnow Makeup, we celebrate diversity, and what better way to do just that by highlighting different celebrities' makeup styles? Whether it's Eva Longoria's face makeup, Rhianna's seemingly permanent glow, or Ashley Olsen's new eye makeup style, these diverse celebrities are a microcosm of the general public at large. As such, it makes sense that people are always interested in how these stars manage to look as gorgeous as they do.

Using Celebrity Makeup Techniques

You can use celebrity makeup techniques in a wide variety of ways, including:

Get Ideas for Your Coloring

Many share a similar coloring to certain celebrities. If this is the case for you, then investigating the type of makeup that particular celebrity uses might help you enhance your own features. Whether you have eyes that are a close match to Cameron Diaz's baby blues or glowing skin like Halle Berry, when you use celebrity looks to get ideas for makeup that works with your features and coloring, the end result is that you'll look even more fantastic than you did before.

Celebrate Personal Style

One of the reasons why many love celebrities is that they are risk takers. In fact, many are not afraid to think outside of the box and do something "unusual" or different with their look. Case in point? Few, if any knew what a bindi was before ska rocker Gwen Stefani began sporting one early in her musical career.

Get and Stay Inspired

Getting and staying inspired is easy when investigating celebrity makeup. Makeup is incredibly fluid, and the styles that were popular during Marilyn Monroe's heyday are bound to be slightly different than today. That said, makeup is an integral part of many women's lives because it helps them to look and feel their best.

Moreover, current celebrities are constantly changing up their styles and their looks in order to set, or keep up with, makeup trends. This means that with just a glance at a few makeup pictures, you'll easily see where the trends are headed, and that means that staying current and feeling inspired to try something new, is literally just a click away.

Feel Fabulous Today

With inspiration like that, why wait? Start exploring the celebrity makeup category today, and see what new styles you might want to try out. You never know, you just might find a new look you love!

Celebrity Makeup