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Beauty Careers
Interested in modeling?

Are you dreaming of a beauty career? Maybe you're not sure where you want to take your passion for makeup. Well, you have come to the right place. At LoveToKnow Makeup, we have an assortment of articles describing the different types of available beauty careers.

First Steps in Beauty Careers

Some beauty careers can start with a simple job at a department store, while others will take years of schooling. Depending on your dedication and interest, this will be the first step to consider. In addition to articles describing the basics of each career choice, we also have articles specific to schools that offer courses and degrees in your beauty career preferences.

Maybe you're interested in a specific company, such as learning how to become a MAC makeup artist, or perhaps modeling is your beauty career of choice. Whatever it may be, knowledge is key to making a job in the beauty industry happen.

More About Beauty Professions

Learn more about the different aspects of beauty professions, from what it takes to become an image consultant to determining the best cosmotology school for you. You'll also find articles on beauty shows, makeup studios, beauty contests, and specific fields such as the world of bridal makeup artistry. Helping others look and feel their best while getting to utilize your creativity can be extremely rewarding; both of these are prime reasons for starting a career in the beauty industry.

Meet the Experts

With our assortment of interviews, take a moment to also meet real people in the field. In addition, we have an energetic expert on hand to answer any question that comes her way at Ask the Expert. Dana Persia can answer all your beauty questions. Let those who go before you offer their insight into your aspirations.

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Beauty Careers