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Cargo High Definition Blush

Created and designed for makeup artists filming in high definition, Cargo high definition makeup promises flawless and natural looking results.

About Cargo Cosmetics

Cargo cosmetics are an award-winning Toronto based cosmetic line founded in 1996 by Hana Zalzal. Not only are Cargo's products innovative, biodegradable and plant-based, the company also has a conscience. Certain products, such as the Cargo lipstick, promise a dollar donation to organizations such as St. Jude's Research Hospital with every purchase.

Cargo cosmetics are a coveted line used by many makeup artists on celebrities. Some famed products include their Plant Love Botanical lipsticks. Derived and created from corn, the lipstick has no mineral, or petroleum oils, and is packaged in a flower paper tube embedded with wildflower seeds. Once the lipstick has been used up, the packaging can be planted in the earth and watered to sprout the wildflower seeds.

Owner Hana Zalzal knows how to stay in the face of fashion and beauty. With her innovative and foreshadowing approach to product development, Cargo Cosmetic's is the first professional cosmetic brand to meet the demand's of artists creating the faces in high-definition filming.

Behind Cargo High Definition Makeup

There's plenty to love about high definition television. Higher picture resolution, less grain, and sharper contrast create a much more enjoyable viewing experience. With higher picture resolution comes a higher demand from stage makeup.

In order for stage cosmetics to create the look of a flawless airbrushed finish, cosmetic companies have learned to diffuse their products while adding light-reflecting particles that impart a natural glow under the bright lights and high pixels.

While the everyday consumer may not need the added bonus of a camera ready complexion, the cosmetics used in blu-ray filming are so innovative they are appropriate for anyone, whether on-screen or off-screen.

Here's a look at a few of the products available in the Cargo High Definition Makeup collection:

  • Blu ray Pressed Powder: Containing photochromatic particles that help keep color consistent regardless of lighting, this pressed powder helps fill in lines and diffuses imperfections, creating the perfect flawless base. Retail price is $30 US, $32 CDN.
  • Blu ray Highlighter/Blush: The universally flattering shade of the blu ray Highlighter Blush includes pigments that adjust under any lighting effects. The natural glow you can create with the blush is enhanced with light-reflecting highlighting pigments, creating a softer and more refined blush application. This product is perfect for women who struggle with telltale application lines! Retail price is $27 US, and $28 CDN.
  • Blu ray High Definition Mattifier: Primers are a very important step in professional makeup application. In order for makeup to adhere to the skin flawlessly, a base must be applied first. Primers also help keep colors true to tone. Cargo's unique mattifier not only sets the base for flawless cosmetic application, it also helps reduce the oil and shine on the skin's surface. Retail price is $24 US, and $26 CDN.
  • Blu ray Mascara: A high definition mascara? Believe it or not, a mascara can make a world of difference while on-stage or when being filmed for high definition viewing. Cargo's blu ray mascara promises to deliver professional results with a special comb that delivers mascara from root to lash with virtually no clumping! The high-tech formula includes Panethenol and Keratin, strengthening and improving the structure of the lashes while creating bat-worthy fringe! Retail price is $20 US and $20 CDN.

Where to Buy

Cargo's complete blu ray cosmetic collection is available for purchase on their product website or at Sephora.While your everyday cosmetic application may not require suitability for on-screen filming, you can still achieve the same flawless results with innovative camera-ready products. For those who demand a natural and believable finish, Cargo's High Definition line of beauty products may be worth a try!

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Cargo High Definition Makeup