Cargo Blush Review

Get blushing!

My Cargo blush review was a worthwhile expedition that has left me bashful and rosy-faced ever since.

It's true, I'm a sucker for blush. If I were to name my one beauty addiction, it would be blusher hands down; I feel naked without it. I'm always craving a punch of color that will wake up my face with that perfectly pinched glow.

Finding a blush that offers a sensuous and ripe color without appearing garish or too pink can pose quite a challenge. Universally, blushes tend to work on certain skin tones rather than appeal to the masses.

After stumbling across the rave reviews for Cargo products on the Sephora website, I decided to test drive this color line and share the final verdict with LoveToKnow readers.

Blush Formulas

Cargo blush is available in three formulas: Blush, Beach Blush and Suede Blush. All three formulas vary in appearance but pack the same moist, pigment rich results that have made this Canadian cosmetic line famous with celebrities and beauty industry professionals.

My Cargo Blush Review

I opted for the original powder blush while trying out the Cargo line. Packed in a sturdy, oversized tin can resembling a hockey puck, I immediately felt liberated that one drop wouldn't crack the mirror or turn my product into a million powdered bits. For the price, this product delivers. No fancy packaging means consumers are paying for actual product, and that's always a good thing.

For ease of application, I swirled a large blush brush in a circular motion across the surface of the blush. The blush breaks up easily and adheres to the brush, not much is needed for depth of color. Upon application in my chosen shade, named Catalina, I immediately felt uplifted and rosy. The formula has a creamy, silky consistency that makes application flawless and clean. Staying power is impressive for a powder variety.

Blushing Conclusion

If you've ever wished to feel as pretty as a princess, with perfectly pink apple cheeks, it may serve you well to try Cargo blush .

With just one sweep of the luminous Catalina blush, my face is transformed into a girly and sweet complexion that makes me quite giddy. There are no unwanted tones in the blush. In fact, the pink tends to be blue based, which really flatters all skin tones.

If you've got warm or golden skin, you'll revel in the contrast of this pink. If you've got fair and cool skin tones, this blush will deliver the fresh in from the cold look you'll crave come winter, with or without the snow. With a shimmer beige eye shadow and a nude lipstick, I know this blush is a makeup bag staple.

On the other hand, when I'm rocking a smoky eye with full on coverage, I'll reach for this blush to add the touch of color that will complete my look while enhancing my cheeks with a subtle, sexy sheen.

It's never easy to find a blush worth sweeping for, but this tin can pan has got me blushing for good.

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Cargo Blush Review