Can Lip Gloss Tan Your Lips

Don't worry! Lips can't tan from lip gloss.

If you're wondering, can lip gloss tan your lips, the answer is no. Rather than glowing and flaunting a gorgeous sun kissed grin, most lips burn when exposed to the intense and drying ultra violet rays of the sun and the harsh outdoor elements. Not protecting the lips can lead to a dry, parched and irritated pout.

Natural Pigments

Unlike the skin on our bodies, lips are very thin and contain almost no melanin, the natural pigment in the skin that provides color. Without melanin, skin cannot hold pigmentation or deepen to a rich glow the way that skin can. Because of the magnification of the sun's harmful rays, lipstick and lip gloss have recently been linked to skin cancer risk in women.

Can Lip Gloss Tan Lips: Answered

Whether exposed to ultraviolet rays from outdoor environments or indoor tanning beds, lip gloss can act as a magnifier and intensify the degree of the exposure to the damaging effects of the sun, and in turn, cause chafed, blistered and irritated skin.

While lip gloss may act as a reflector to the sun, the rays will not deepen the shade of lips. Exposure to the damaging effects of the sun for the sake of color is simply not worth the risk.

In addition to the short term damage caused by ultra violet rays, unprotected lips and skin may contribute to long term damage such as wrinkles, sun spots, burns and the unfavorable increased risk of skin cancer.

Protect Your Lips

Rather than expose the sensitive lip area to the harsh effect of the elements, protect them! Just like the skin, lips should be shielded from the sun and the ultra violet rays whenever you are outdoors. A lip balm or lip gloss containing an SPF of 30 can prevent both short and long term damage.

For best results, reapply sunscreen or sun block regularly when outdoors. If you're swimming or lounging poolside, make sure you wear a waterproof variety that will shield the sun throughout any water based activity or excessive sweating. A wide brimmed sun hat can also act as a stylish and practical solution for decreased sun exposure.

Although the heat of the summer certainly carries the most risk for sun damage, winter rays are equally as troublesome. For those who partake in outdoor snow activities such as skiing, snowboarding or sledding, lip protection is just as vital. Pack a lip balm with an SPF at all times on the slopes to prevent burns and damage.

Creating a Bronzed Pout

Although the answer to can lip gloss tan lips is no, many women do create natural bronzed lips through the use of cosmetic bronzers and golden lip glosses.

To create the look of a tanned and tawny pout, keep the makeup palette summery and easy going with powdered bronzers, black mascara, shimmer powder and sexy brown lip glosses. An allover bronzed goddess look is flattering on every skin type and pairs perfect with flip flops and summer sundresses.

Remember to apply an SPF for both the face and the lips prior to cosmetic application, and hit the great outdoors with a sensible touch of sun protection to keep your lips healthy, hydrated and kissable.

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Can Lip Gloss Tan Your Lips