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For anyone who thinks it's not possible for a fragrance to be both classic and cutting-edge, they need only to get a whiff of Calvin Klein perfume to be convinced otherwise.

Featuring deliciously spicy, enchanting scents for men, women, and sometimes both at the same time, the signature individuality of the Calvin Klein brand enhances the whole body with its range of fragrances.

Calvin Klein Perfume: A Brief History

By 1981, Calvin Klein clothing, particularly its jeans, had long been a consumer favorite. Famous for edgy, innovative advertising and clothes that were firmly classic and yet decidedly modern, the look was striking and individual. It needed a scent that complemented these diverse qualities, and so the first Calvin Klein perfume, called simply Calvin, was created. Unlike the usual route for designer perfumes, the scent was specifically formulated for men.

The ladies were given their due in 1985 with the aromatic instant success that was Obsession. An enticing mix of citrus, vanilla and greens, combined with sandalwood, spices and musk, Obsession is still one of the most intense and sensual of the many Calvin Klein perfumes. A version for men followed, and consumers can now vary their Obsessions with Obsession Night and Obsession Sheer.

Uniquely Unisex

As a design house that prides itself on having a finger on the pulse of society, it was hardly surprising when Calvin Klein tapped into the grunge movement of the 1990s, producing CK One, a scent equally appealing when worn by men or women. With striking black-and-white advertising featuring disaffected, androgynous models, CK One was an instant, and unrivaled, success. A mixture of fruit and spice, including bergamot, pineapple and green tea, CK One is a light, intimate scent, and someone has to be close to smell it on you.

Calvin Klein Perfumes: At a Sniff

Each one individual and appealing, Calvin Klein makes a scent suitable for everybody. Following are just a few of the most popular:

  • Eternity
    • While there's a version for men as well and several offshoots such as Eternity Moment, Purple Orchid and Rose Blush, the classic Eternity is a lovely floral bouquet combined with patchouli and amber, evoking timelessness and romance.
  • CK Be
    • Another unisex scent, this Calvin Klein perfume is a woody musk that manages to be light and delicate, making it pleasant for daytime wear. It blends mandarin, magnolia and peach under the musk.
  • Contradiction
    • A scent that's strong and yet feminine, hence the name, Contradiction mixes rose and sandalwood with the tang of pure pepper, making for a lively, brisk and even exhilarating scent. There is a version for men as well.
  • Escape
    • A sexy, floral fragrance, Escape combines apple, mandarin, rose, plum and peach, with a touch of musk and sandalwood. It's a romantic, mood-setting scent. The men's version has more of an outdoors aroma.
  • Euphoria
    • A happy mix of fruits and flowers like pomegranate, persimmon and the very sexy black orchid, Euphoria is a romantic perfume with a particularly attractive bottle. Other versions include Euphoria Blossom, Euphoria Lustre and a Euphoria for men.
    CK Perfumes
    Eternity CK Be Contradiction Escape Euphoria
    Floral Musky Tangy Floral with musk Fruity and floral

CK One: A New Millennium

In April 2007, a new version of the Calvin Klein perfume that was such a phenomenon will hit stores, ready to entice the noses of modern twenty-somethings. CK in2u, the title reminiscent of the shorthand used for instant messaging, is a scent for the computer age, the "technosexual" generation, as the company has dubbed it. Even the bottle, made of white plastic and glass, looks like an iPod.

Although the look, style and even name have a techno-centric flavor, the aroma itself is anything but clinical. The women's perfume, perky and playful, combines pink grapefruit, bergamot and red currant with a core of neon amber. The men's scent evokes a day at the beach with a mix of lime, cocoa and musk. The aromatic millennium has arrived.

The Smell Test

The only way to be sure you're getting a Calvin Klein perfume that's perfect for you, is to sample carefully. Sniff several samples, and when one is especially appealing, get a spritz on your wrist.

Don't feel pressured to buy then and there. Wear it the rest of the day and see if you like it, or if anyone else mentions they like it. A good scent should improve your mood and your overall well-being, so choose carefully...and enjoy!
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Calvin Klein Perfume