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caboodles pro case
Caboodles Pro Case

Caboodles cosmetic cases have long been synonymous with women's cosmetics organizers. From the classic pink case to the expanding variety of products offered by the company today, Caboodles remains a great way to organize your cosmetic products including lipstick, mascara, eyeliner, and nail polish, and to transport them from place to place.

Caboodles Case Products

Caboodles has long been famous for its makeup cases and cosmetics cases. The classic Caboodles case was a pink plastic case designed for pre-teens and teens. The case offered lift-out organizing trays in coordinating pastel colors, and was designed to organize both makeup and jewelry. It was definitively not an adult product, but quickly became an iconic symbol and the case-of-choice for young girls exploring makeup and accessories for the first time.

In November 2009, the company developed a product line called In My Case, which courts a customer base different from the teens that are usually known to buy from the company. These cases are more sophisticated and stylish and expand from the traditional pink or pastel plastic into other materials and designs. With this new product line, it's likely that younger girls and older teens or college-age students will now be able to continue using Caboodles cases as they get older and graduate from the classic pink.

Where to Buy Caboodles Cosmetic Cases

Look for Caboodles products straight from the source on Caboodles official website. You can bone up on the different products offered by the company, learn a little bit of its history, become a "fan" on social networking websites such as Facebook, and find places where you can purchase the products. Caboodles provides links to online stores that sell Caboodles products, and the site also lists plenty of brick-and-mortar buildings that you can frequent for Caboodles on your day out. The website also lists press releases detailing where their products have appeared on television and in the movies, demonstrating the continued popularity of Caboodles carrying cases.

Bath and Body Collections

This link to the KidzWorld website lists some interesting information about the Caboodles line of cosmetics products, including the cases' history, products, and function. Products discussed at KidzWorld include traditional cases, and also specialty products such as a case designed to keep all of your bath products in. The Super Stacking Bath Keeper not only allows you to store your bathing materials, but it also comes pre-filled with bath beads, salts and confetti.

Discount Caboodles

Caboodles products need not cost a fortune. On, several Caboodles products, including a wide variety of Caboodles cosmetic cases, are listed at reasonable prices. In addition to Caboodles makeup products, such as eye shadow and lip gloss, this discount website offers a domed makeup case, and organizer trays for any Caboodles case you might already have. Although the range of products isn't as great as what you might find on other websites, the prices here are quite a bit cheaper than what you would expect from a convenience or superstore.

One of the best things about Amazon is the ability to compare prices from different vendors and, if possible, buy slightly used products at discount prices. Nearly every type of Caboodles products, from their classic cosmetics cases to stylish new style makeup cases, can be found in a simple search. For example, Amazon features the "pro" cosmetic case, a heavy duty storage and carrying unit capable of fitting and organizing hundreds of products. If you're having difficulty finding Caboodles products as a gift, Amazon also makes recommendations based on your searches to create an easier online shopping trip for you.

Using Caboodles

Whether you are looking for a gift for someone special or a great item for yourself, Caboodles cases can be the way to go. Their long history lends the cases and organizers a nostalgic feel, while the functionality ensures continued usefulness for years to come.

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Caboodles Cosmetic Cases