Butterfly Makeup

Butterfly makeup
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Whether you're attending a fantasy masquerade ball or planning a unique Halloween costume, the following butterfly makeup ideas will ensure you're as vibrant and whimsical as a fluttering butterfly.

Fantasy Makeup Looks

When it comes to fantasy dressing, many unique ideas come to mind. Butterflies, fairies, witches and elves are popular costume choices. Being able to transform yourself into a mythical or fantastical creature is a unique experience without boundaries.

Butterfly makeup allows plenty of creative options for the novice or expert makeup artist. While results will cary depending on technical skills and supplies, creative ideas can inspire you and help you channel your own unique butterfly style.

How to Create Butterfly Makeup

Creating a butterfly makeup mask will require the application of face paint or cosmetics. For a simple face paint style, apply a solid hue of face paint to create the wings of the butterfly across your face. Outline this shape in black to really help it pop. Apply lines of glitter throughout the wings to create a glistening effect, and add colorful designs throughout the wings to add dimension and depth to your butterfly makeup. If face paint is not an option, a simple masquerade mask painted to your desired effect can work on the eyes.

Tips for Fantasy Butterfly Looks

If you'd like to try your hand at applying your cosmetics in a more fantastical manner to create a stage theatrical butterfly mask, simply follow these tips and ideas.

  • Create a glittered edge for your mask. If you are applying a whole butterfly, apply loose glitter to outline the shape of the butterfly. Otherwise, simply brush glitter sporadically around your face for extra magical shimmer.
  • Apply bold eyeshadow colors rather than subtle. Strong hues such as vivid purple, blue and cheerful orange and yellow will help you create a variety of realistic butterfly looks, including the Monarch butterfly.
  • Outline eyes in a white or silver eyeliner to make them pop and stand out. A white inner edge will help draw focus to your eyes while enhancing the theatrical look of your butterfly makeup.
  • While lip color can be bold and bright, a subtle shimmering gloss can look equally fantastic when creating butterfly makeup. Consider applying a regular lip balm to the lips and top with loose glitter for a wild and magical look.
  • False eyelashes will really help you create a fantastical butterfly makeup look. Shop around for falsies that have wide lashes to really enhance your cosmetics and create the look of fluttering "wings."
  • Cat eyeliner looks are a great option when considering a more sexy butterfly cosmetic style. A smooth liquid line with flipped edges will draw attention to the eye area, and perhaps the striking visual effects of your theatrical look.

Get Creative

If face paint and cosmetics are out of reach, you can still create a party face with a few simple supplies. Simply affix feathers to a plain white masquerade mask. Masks can be purchased at most any party store. Add glitter or stick-on rhinestone decals for added glimmer. Opt for a fun and vibrant lipcolor and sport a pair of butterfly wings for the best results. Creating theatrical makeup is a great way to express your magical and feminine side.

By all means, if you want a show stopping butterfly makeup look, go for the gusto and make your cosmetics pop with lots of over-accessorizing and flashy trimmings for transforming results.

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Butterfly Makeup