Burgundy Eye Makeup for Blue Eyes

Model in burgundy makeup
Burgundy looks sophisticated on blue eyes.

Burgundy eye makeup for blue eyes can create some amazing effects. It can make blue eyes look bluer and even bring out any hints of green you may have.

Effects of Burgundy Eye Makeup for Blue Eyes

If you look at a color wheel, the true contrast for blue eyes is orange. You can incorporate that into your makeup by introducing copper makeup shades, orange-tinged bronzes, and similar colors.

However, orange-tinged shades don't look great on everyone; they can sometimes be over the top for the office, and they aren't always as easy to incorporate into simple makeup. Burgundy is a close, but often overlooked, color for blue eyes, while shades of brown and orange are often listed as the perfect shadows for blue-eyed girls. It's deeper, so you can use it as liner or mascara, and it's easier to pull off in conservative settings.

Simple to Dramatic

Any touch of burgundy eye makeup, for blue eyes, can create a beautiful contrast that makes people really take notice of your gaze. You can go as simple or dramatic as you'd like, using burgundy in the place of other neutrals.

Eye Shadow

  • Daytime: You can go simple or dramatic with burgundy eye shadow. Applying a dark burgundy to the crease or outer V of the lid can add just enough depth to add dimension to your eye color and make them stand out. Burgundy can be classified as a slightly more exciting neutral, working much the same way as a deep brown or charcoal gray. Wearing the color in the crease or outer V will still be suitable for work.
  • Nighttime: For nights out, you can substitute burgundy for black or dark brown on the lid, gradually lightening up with a lighter brown or pink in and above the crease, then a flesh tone color on the brow bone. If you're bored with the traditional black smoky eye, this is the perfect solution. It's smoky, it's sexy, but it's not boring and it can do wonders for your eye color. If your coloring is often overwhelmed by more traditional smoky eye colors, a soft wash of burgundy on the lid can be much more flattering.


This is a subtle trick, but can be a challenge for some skin tones to pull off. For some, it will offer the frame to the eye that really makes the blue stand out. For others, it will give that tired, post-crying effect. One way to avoid looking as if you've been tearing up is to choose a blackened red rather than a bright, obvious burgundy. The darker, the better, and a burgundy pearl or shimmer effect in a black liner base can brighten blue eyes, instead of making you look tired or upset.


Wearing burgundy mascara alone is a great and a very subtle way to play up your blue eyes without being over the top. If you don't want to bother with eye shadow in the mornings but you do want your eyes to stand out, this is one way to achieve the look you're going for. With just a couple of swipes, you can frame your eyes with a set of long, lush lashes in a color that contrasts just enough to make your eye color stand out, but not enough to be obvious.

Final Word

Using burgundy in the place of dark browns, blacks, and grays can liven up your look without being obvious or even inappropriate for the office. You may be surprised when people who have never seemed to take notice of your eye color begin to comment on how blue your eyes look. You may even get, "Did you do something different?" comments. You can use burgundy in any part of your shadow look to intensify your blue eyes, but remember that if it will be lining your eyes, the darker, the better. Burgundy eye makeup for blue eyes is often overlooked in lieu of coppers and bronzes, but can be just as stunning.

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Burgundy Eye Makeup for Blue Eyes