Bunny Face Paint

Cute as a bunny!

Cute and cuddly, sexy and seductive or outright scary, bunny face paint has endless possibilities for Halloween, Easter, or dress up fun.

Bunny Face Paint Basics

Creating the perfect bunny face can be quite simple. All you need is a little creativity, basic makeup and the proper application tools. Basics to have:

  • Black eyeliner
  • Pink blush
  • Pink lipstick
  • Blue eye shadow
  • White and gray cream makeup
  • Rouge or red cream makeup
  • Glitter
  • Sponge applicators
  • Small paint or liner brush

If the thought of putting together a makeup kit is to confusing, many costume and Halloween stores sell kits tailor-made for specific costumes, such as a bunny costume. Check out the Shimmer and Shine Bunny Makeup Kit at BuyCostumes.com or a basic Halloween face paint kit at Spirit Halloween.

Face Painting Tips and Tricks

Always start with a clean face free from makeup and oils. Do not use a moisturizer under your face paint or it will make your face too slick for the face paint to adhere to. Remember to apply the makeup lightly and add as needed.

Applying to much makeup in the beginning will result in clumping and will not create a smooth look. You may want to test makeup before using to make sure it does not irritate the skin, especially if it is being used on a young child. Most face paint will wash off with soap and water or a gentle makeup remover.

Bunny Variations

A bunny costume is popular choice for both children and adults. It is appropriate for males and females alike and has many variations depending on the particular look you want to achieve. Instead of pairing a hot, sweaty mask with your bunny costume, try face painting for a simple and fun twist. There are endless options of bunny looks to consider including:

  • Basic Bunny: The basic bunny face can be used with any bunny costume and is appropriate for all ages. Use white cream makeup for your base foundation. Draw an upside down triangle for the nose and fill in with pink blush. Use red cream makeup or rouge on each cheek for a rosy look and complete your face by drawing on a pair of whiskers with black eyeliner.
  • Bugs Bunny: Use gray cream makeup on the top half of your face and white cream makeup for the lower half. Add a touch of pink on your cheeks and nose and draw on a set of black whiskers with eyeliner.
  • Easter Bunny: Use the basic bunny look and add colorful touches such as blue eye shadow and bright pink lips. Accessorize with a basket full of fake Easter eggs.
  • Scary Bunny: Use white cream makeup as your base foundation, add whiskers and a black or red nose then create scary touches to your look such as fake blood around the mouth, a set of fangs and play up your eyes with lots of dark liner and eye shadow.
  • Playboy Bunny: Simply use regular cosmetics and play up the eyes and lips for a sexy and seductive look. Use some glitter around your eyes and on your cheeks for added sparkle. This look does not require the typical bunny face.

No bunny costume is complete without a set of bunny ears, a pair of bunny teeth and a fluffy white tail. Add a pair of white gloves and you are set to go out in your costume. The fun thing about a bunny costume is that you can tailor the look to your own individual style. There are no set guidelines as to how your makeup must look. Have fun with your costume and hop out this Halloween in a look all of your own.

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Bunny Face Paint