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When learning Britney Spears makeup tips, it helps tremendously to view photographs of the popular pop star.

Britney is no stranger to controversy, so it stands to reason that there are those that love her makeup style, and others loathe it.

In truth, the controversy doesn't matter, as both camps still love studying her makeup style!

This image, taken in 2003, shows a fresh faced ingénue. You can achieve a similar look by using:

  • Moisturizer
  • A matching foundation or power
  • A bit of lipstick in a flesh colored tone

Keep brows neat and be sure to top your look off with several coats of mascara!

A Star is Born!

Here, Britney does pretty with a fresh faced, wide-eyed, and youthful looking makeup.

Steal this look by keeping the face matte with powder, using a brown eye pencil and pairing it all with a pink-nude lip color.

You can also mimic her slightly flushed cheeks by using a blush in a neutral long.

Hat Trick!

Taken in June of 2003, this image is almost iconic as Britney sports her now classic prop- a hat that sites slightly askew.

Her makeup look is a classic one- the eyes are rimmed in black eyeliner and shadow, there's plenty of mascara on the lashes and lips are pink and dewy.

All you'll need for this look is:

  • Blush
  • A pink/nude lipstick
  • Lip gloss
  • Eyeliner
  • Eyeshadow
  • Mascara

Additionally, keep a smudge brush or Q-tip on hand to erase any harsh lines your eyeliner may make.

Warm Glow

There are slight changes to Britney's makeup here from previous images she's taken.

The lipstick is deeper and not quite as shiny, there's a bit more shadow near the brow bone, and she sports a healthy, tanned, glow.

The "glow" can be achieved with bronzer, a tanning solution, or blush that is slightly darker than one you'd normally wear.

Frost and Glow

With this look, Britney goes icy, and slightly metallic.

A touch of white eye shadow placed only the brow bone will help you to achieve this look, as will a warm, metallic, lip color.

Coral Spin

This look is quite similar to Britney's previous makeup styles, except here, she's changed her lip color to coral.

Take a page from the pop star's makeup back, using a brighter lip color than you previously wear.

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Create Britney Spears Makeup Looks