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Emulating the dazzling look of a pop star is easy with the help of products from the Britney Spears makeup line.

The Britney Spears Makeup Phenomenon

It wasn't long ago that she was known solely for her radio-friendly ditties. Now Britney Spears has a stronghold on the beauty world, too. Everything from fragrances to lip glosses, the Britney Spears makeup line is spunky, lighthearted and even a little bit glamorous. In other words, it's a lot like Miss Spears herself.

The Products

The Britney Spears makeup collection began with one product, the instant best-selling fragrance, Curious. The scent's success meant the inevitable growth of the line, and it was quickly followed up by another, called Fantasy. Since then, Britney Spears Beauty, licensed to Elizabeth Arden, Inc., has introduced a variety of products. They include the following:


Perfumes are the cornerstone of the Britney Spears beauty collection. Each fragrance is formulated to capture the essence of several fantasy-inspired themes, including romance, adventure and magic.

  • Curious: The fragrance that started it all, Curious pays homage to Spears's home of Louisiana with notes including the state's official flower, magnolia, as well as golden Anjou pear, lotus flower, tuberose, star jasmine, pink cyclamen, vanilla-infused musk, sandalwood and blonde woods. Curious is crisp and breezy, with strong white floral notes touched by a hint of airiness.
  • Fantasy: One glance at its bright pink, rhinestone-studded bottle is enough to draw anyone in. This romantic fragrance includes notes of lychee, quince, kiwi, cupcake accord, jasmine petals, white chocolate orchid, musk, orris root and woods. Revealing a unique balance of ripe fruits, sweet flowers and gourmand desserts, this scent is truly a fantasy for the fragrance connoisseur.
  • In Control Curious: Sexy and strong, In Control Curious is a more grown-up fragrance than its predecessors. It boasts an eclectic blend of loquat fruit, midnight orchid, crème brûlée, black vanilla bean, tonka crystals, sugared sandalwood and signature musk. The result is a sweet, heady scent that is heavy on the vanilla and not for the faint of heart.
  • Midnight Fantasy: This intriguing fragrance paints a seductive, sensuous picture of mystery and forbidden romance. Its magnetic spirit is captured by notes of black cherry, raspberry, plum, iris, night blooming orchid, freesia, vanilla, amber and musk. The deep amber and rich vanilla are interesting contrasts to the bright, bold fruits. The combination is both flirtatious and elegant, resulting in a scent truly made for the midnight hour.


Fans of Spears's fragrance collection will appreciate the concept behind her color cosmetics. Each product ties in with a particular scent.

Two-in-One Fragrance/Gloss Sticks

  • Two Tempting: Gals constantly on the go will appreciate the convenience of this two-in-one product. Two Tempting pulls a double shift, featuring a shimmery pink lip gloss on one end and a Curious roller ball fragrance on the other.
  • Surprising Twist!: Don't let the lime green hue fool you. The glitter-infused gloss on this two-in-one stick is actually clear, leaving behind nothing but shine and a hint of subtle shimmer. The other end features a Fantasy roller ball fragrance.

Cosmetic Palette

  • Look My Way Color Kit: Bold color is the focus of this makeup palette, a part of the Fantasy collection. It contains the following products:
  1. Midnight Eye Shadow: a rich, captivating dark blue
  2. Pixie Eye Shadow: a pale, neutral pink
  3. Enchanted Forest Eye Shadow: a dark forest green
  4. Flicker Eye Shadow: a bright lavender
  5. Fairy Dust Face Highlighter: a light, natural shimmer powder
  6. Glimmer Lip Gloss: a deep rose infused with a hint of pink

Lip Glosses

  • Curious Luck in Love Lip Gloss: Packaged in a heart-shaped charm key ring and adorned with a large rose-toned crystal, this shimmery pink gloss is ideal worn on its own or over a pink lipstick. A small heart dangles from the charm's chain. Perfect for anyone just getting familiar with the vast world of cosmetics, this charm is playful and sweet.
  • Curious Whisper Lip Gloss: This gloss is packaged in a tube. Though it looks milky white, it wears clear and features a hint of shimmer.
  • Curious Heartthrob Lip Gloss: Adding some funk to the lineup, Heartthrob boasts an ocean blue hue that shows up as a clear gloss on the lips. Similar to Whisper, it is infused with a shot of shimmer.
  • In Control Curious Wild Side: Right in line with the sophisticated fragrance of the same name, the Wild Side lip gloss is just the thing for women who love to play up their pout. Its bold pink shade is vivacious and infused with shimmer.

Other Products

The Britney Spears beauty collection features several other products, including body soufflé, solid perfume, shimmer powder, shower gel, body polish, shimmer sticks and perfume gift sets.

Where to Purchase

Most fragrances are readily available at department stores nationwide, and online at these boutiques:

Cosmetic products, including the Look My Way Color Kit and lip glosses, are most readily available on eBay.

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