High quality products look great.

With their Italian flair and top quality skincare and cosmetics, Borghese is leading the way in today's beauty world.

Set Apart From the Rest

Borghese is a cosmetics company that prides itself for its unique style and above-average, quality products. With roots in Italian skincare and beauty techniques, the driving force behind the company is CEO Georgette Mosbacher. As the final say at Borghese as well as being a celebrated author and active Republican, seeing Mosbacher's drive and ambition leaves no mystery as to how the success of this makeup company has come to fruition.

Recently this cosmetics giant has restructured itself, promoting and enhancing their best selling products, while adding new items to break the barriers of skincare technology and cosmetic design. With Mosbacher's consistent desire to be the best of the best and keep Borghese top notch, this New York based company is enjoying a tremendous amount of success.

What's So Great About Borghese?

Even though they are based in New York, this company is the best in Italian beauty, giving you the chance to experience the exoticness and excellence of European cosmetics and skincare without having to ever leave your living room! All of their products are available online, giving you the privilege of owning international beauty domestically.

Part of being filled with Italian style involves keeping up with the latest fashions and designs off of the runways of this country that carries a lot of weight internationally. Borghese has renewed their commitment to pay attention to the latest materials, looks, and colors popular in the fashion industry, and then matching their makeup to those trends and innovations.

Lastly, this is one company that cares about not just people but animals as well. Dedicated to never resorting to testing on animals, you can rest assured your makeup has never caused a furry friend to suffer. This conscientiousness in all arenas from style to the environment keeps Borghese the leader of the pack and most likely will for a very long time to come.


While most cosmetic lines simply sell products to make you feel beautiful, this one goes out of their way to provide you with tips and tricks to feel your best as well. On their home page Borghese provides you with solutions and advice no matter what the season. Their beauty goes beyond a tube of lipstick or a brush of powder - they care about helping you from the inside out as well.

You can also find makeup application tips and a list of best sellers if you are looking for advice on how to look and feel your best while wearing their products.

Let's Hear it For the Boys

Do you have a man in your life that is positively clueless about skincare? This company hasn't left them - dedicating a section of their website exclusively to guys. From keeping skin youthful to accentuating their everyday look, the man in your life can get in on the cosmetics and skincare goodness too. While many beauty sites with a men's section tend to talk down to the very audience they are trying to reach, Borghese keeps it the ways the boys like it - simple and down to earth.

With easy facts and great tips, men will love the look of this skincare and cosmetics line, and will actually be willing to try it too!

Getting Gorgeous

So with all of this fanfare regarding this Italian beauty line, what exactly do they sell? Besides their amazing selection of skincare, hair care, and spa products, you will find makeup in a rainbow of shades and genres as well.


From their Prima Viso Face Primer to their Powder Milano, you'll be toasting to Italy after trying these great bases to your makeup routine. Giving you a smooth surface in which to decorate with beauty until your heart's content, you can find foundations and powders of the highest European quality without charging you a fortune.


Concealer and foundation can only take you so far, which is why a great Blush selection is available as well. Blush Milano comes in three fantastic shades that are perfect for any skin type, while Spring It On provides you with the tools you need to create a fun and flirty springtime look no matter the time of year!

Eye Shadow

Borghese sells eye shadow base (primer), as well as a wide variety of shadow shades that go on silky and smoothly, actually bringing benefits rather than damage to your skin. What more could a girl ask for? In this many fun colors, you will never want to use another brand of Eye Makeup again.

Borghese is the place to go if you are looking for a great new line of cosmetics that will never disappoint. Consider checking them out today.

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