Bold Makeup Looks

Top Bold Makeup Looks

Bold makeup looks can draw attention to your best features. While some dramatic looks are best reserved for parties and evenings out, there are other eye-catching styles that you can easily pull off every day.

Shown: Classic red lips and ultra long lashes are a classic bold look that is evocative of old school glamor.

Colored Eyeliner

A bright, bold, and trendy eye makeup look that is very wearable is the colored eyeliner trend. To make this look work, use a rich or bright colored liner along your lower lash line, and use a medium-dark neutral shadow on the upper lid.

Colorful Party Makeup

For a look that's guaranteed to garner attention, try bold, unusual hues on the cheeks, lips, and eyes. Shimmer or sparkle makeup adds even more drama to a colorful look.

If you aren't comfortable sporting a face of full-on color, try using a unique color on just one feature. Or tone down a trendy shade to one your more comfortable with, such as a rich raisin or plum instead of purple.

The Smoky Eye

The smoky eye look is one that is glamorous, sexy, and never goes out of style. This look is hold because it draws all the attention to the eyes. Use classic black or grey shadows. or choose a modern take on the smoky eye with a dark blue or maroon.

Fantasy Makeup

Fantasy makeup can incorporate beautiful painted designs, gems or crystals, or just playing up one feature with dramatic swirls and designs. This type of bold makeup, although typically used only occasionally for parties or costume events, is really a chance to get creative.

Bright Lip Color

One of the easiest ways to pull off dramatic makeup is with a bold lip color. Bright pinks, berries, roses, and coral shades all add an eye-catching pop to your look without looking overdone.

Neon Makeup

Neon makeup can be a bit harder to pull off everyday, but these intense hues can be a fun alternative for when you want an attention-getting evening look.

Use fluorescent eye shadow shades like electric blue, chartreuse, hot pink, or orange to bring eyes your way.

Dramatic Eyeliner

Bold eyeliner, like the sweeping 'cat eye' or winged liner, is another attention-getting look that is universally flattering for women. The thick, extended liner on the upper lash line makes the lash bed look fuller and thicker, and opens up the eyes for beautiful eyes. Dress it up with color, or wear it with neutral shades for a more versatile style.

Whether you need an ultra-creative makeup style or are just looking for a simple way to get more dramatic eyes, bold cosmetic tricks can work magic.

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Bold Makeup Looks