Body Shimmer

Look great in shimmer makeup.

On a hot day, you're going to glow, so why not determine the level of sheen yourself with cosmetic body shimmer? The ancient art of non-facial cosmetics has never been so simple, sensual, aromatic and just plain fun as it is right here and now.

A Bit of Body Shimmer Basics

Enhancing exposed skin, whether with jewelry, henna or glitter, has been a part of warm-climate culture for centuries. A glistening body is strikingly beautiful, but you don't have to spend much money, engage in much effort or compromise your skin's health to achieve an appealing sheen.

There are two kinds of body shimmer; those that are an addition in a moisturizer and those that are a powder typically applied with a large powder puff. A touch of glitter or mineral makeup supplies the sparkle. Body shimmers range from providing the merest hint of sheen, which is suitable for daytime, or an intense glitter, which can really get a party heated up! But don't worry, they're not so intense that anyone will mistake you for the disco ball, nor will you end up looking like poor Jill in Goldfinger.

An Almost-Natural Glow

If you want to use daytime shimmer, you're better off using a natural product made with organic ingredients. Remember, the skin is the largest organ of the body and you want to treat it lovingly. Furthermore, if you're using the shimmers in summer when you're prone to sweat, you don't want to add any pore-clogging ingredients to your beauty regimen. Here are just a few natural choices:

Although some of The Body Shop's products contain problematic ingredients like parabens, they're still an excellent company with a great cosmetic line. They make two scented shimmer lotions: Golden Apple and Cranberry. The Body Shop provides testers, so you can go in and try some to determine which scent works for you. If you have some time to shop, you might experiment with each lotion on consecutive days, so you don't confuse your nose.

The Body Shop also prides itself on its policy of fair trade, so you'll not only look and smell good wearing one of their products, but you'll feel good knowing your money is going in part towards improving the fortunes of small communities in the developing world.

Super Salve is a nice line that boasts no animal testing, parabens, dyes or synthetic fragrances. Their body shimmer is subtle and works equally well for day or night. It's made with organic arrowroot powder and earth mineral pigments, but the label also warns it "may or may not contain titanium or mica," so if you have a problem with either of those ingredients, this may not be a good product for you.

The Voters Have Spoken

When a product makes the InStyle magazine's Hall of Fame, which means it's won its category for at least three consecutive years, and has been voted one of the Top 100 by the many users of Makeup Alley, attention must be paid. The body shimmer to win such raves is Huile Prodigieuse Or by Nuxe. It's easy to see why women love it, as it's hugely versatile and even beneficial. This shimmer can be used for day and night wear, all year round, and can even be applied to your face and hair, no matter what skin or hair type. Nuxe claims it helps repair, nourish, protect and subtly enlighten the face, body and hair. The only one of these claims that can really be tested is the last, and indeed, the body shimmer does create a lovely golden sparkle, which is probably all you need.

Glitter, But Not Literally

While it's fun to experiment with making your own cosmetics, this is one instance where you're much better off buying something ready-made. Commercial glitter is just not the sort of metal you want on your skin, as you run the risk of injury.

Shine On!

Think body shimmer is just for beach bunnies or teens? Think again! It's for anyone who wants a little extra in the way of glisten and gleam, so if you're interested, don't let anything stand in the way of your shine.

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Body Shimmer