Bobbi Brown Lipstick Review

Create this gorgeous look with help from Bobbi Brown.

This Bobbi Brown lipstick review is dedicated to finding out if these lipsticks are worth the monetary investment!

Different Types of Bobbi Brown Lipsticks

Luckily, Bobbi Brown offers various types of lipsticks to suit your every makeup need. Here are a few from her collection:

  • Lip Color: Simply called "Lip Color" these lipsticks are creamy and semi-matte, so they impart very good coverage with a little bit of shine.
  • Lip Sheer: The Lip Sheer look is creamy and lightweight, designed to bathe your lips in a wash of see-through color. This is a great look for anyone who wants the look of a tint, but the feel of a lipstick. Note that this is a super sheer formula, so if you want something with stronger coverage you should choose another one of Bobbi's formulas.
  • Lip Shimmer: Lip Shimmers are creamy lipsticks that offer a hint of shimmer for a subtle shine. You can wear these Lip Sheers alone or pair them with a Lip Color for greater intensity.
  • Lip Crayons: These Lip Crayons are the latest additions to Bobbi Brown's collection and they boast the feel of a lipstick in the convenience of a crayon-inspired pencil. They also have a non-drying formula that offers a smooth, creamy feel and color that is supposed to last all day.
  • Lip Gloss: Lip Gloss, as its name implies, gives the lips a brilliant, mirror-like shine The gloss also contains soothing botanical exacts like avocado, jojoba, chamomile oils and aloe extracts to help keep lips soft and supple. The gloss is also scented with a hint of vanilla bean.

While for the proposes of our Bobbi Brown lipstick review, we'll be working with her Lip Color, there are other lipsticks available form this cosmetics line, including: Shimmer Lip Gloss, Brightening Lip Gloss, Crystal Lip Gloss, Tube Tints, Lip Tint SPF 15 and SPF 15 Lipshine.

The Bobbi Brown Lipstick Review

Here's a general breakdown of the advantages and disadvantages of the Bobbi Brown lip color look:


  • Coverage galore: One strong advantage I found during my Bobbi Brown lipstick review is the tremendous coverage this lipstick provides. The coverage is truly remarkable as it bathes your lips in easy to wear color. What's really great about this lipstick is that no matter how many times you layer it on, it still looks great and maintains the integrity of its color.
  • Long wearing: The long wearing aspect of Bobbi Brown's Lip Color is another big draw, and make no mistake about it; this lipstick really does last! If you've ever had to run straight from work to a lunch date (one complete with soup and salad!), then you'll really appreciate this!
  • A wide range of colors: From cranberry to brick, and from melon to bare, you'll love the wide array of lip colors just waiting for you to sample. Whether it's for a special night out, or everyday wear, with all of the colors in this wide palette, you're sure to find a perfect shade!


Luckily, there were only two disadvantages in my Bobbi Brown lipstick review. They are:

  • Slightly drying: This one was surprising! The color had gone on so smoothly and had felt so creamy, that I really didn't see this disadvantage coming. Now, it's important to explain that the drying effect only became noticeable after a few hours of wearing the Lip Color lipstick, but as the color wore off, the more dry my lips felt.
  • Be wary of shopping online for makeup: This one's obvious; online shopping, particularly when it comes to makeup and finding the right lip colors, is notoriously hard to do. Similar to shopping in a drugstore, the color in the tube or on the webpage in this case, is not always what you anticipated!

The Verdict

Even though this lipstick was a bit drying, in light of its extreme long-wearing capabilities and excellent coverage, I would have to say yes! In purchasing this lipstick, you'll be getting a great, wearable look that can take you from day to evening in a snap!

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Bobbi Brown Lipstick Review