Bobbi Brown Foundation Review

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This Bobbi Brown foundation review is all about the search for flawless, fabulous skin!

A Flawless Finish

Flip open any one of the leading glossy women's magazines, and along with sexy, sultry eyes, you'll be greeted with flawless skin. In a real world filled with deadlines, hungry kids and demanding spouses, however, it can be downright impossible to have flawless, blemish free skin!

Face Facts

The truth of the matter is that most of us, from seemingly huge pores to acne eruptions, face an uphill battle when it comes to presenting a flawless visage.

So what's a girl to do? Cosmetics companies keep promising us golden liquid in a bottle that, with the flick of the wrist (or at least the twist of the cap!) will instantly give us that fresh, radiant, dewy glow. Unfortunately, you and I have heard that promise before! It is in this sprit that we begin the Bobbi Brown foundation review.

A Bobbi Brown Foundation Review

Let's delve right in and see if Bobbi can deliver the goods!

The Pros

  • Portable to boot: A big draw of Bobbi's stick foundation is how easy it is for travel. The foundation stick comes in a shiny black swivel case with a top snap closure. The beauty of this product is its ability to slip discretely into your pants pocket or a small, chic makeup case without calling attention to itself. If you are on your way to an important meeting, or need to quickly re-touch your face on a date, this could be your perfect foundation product!
  • Smooth application: The stick foundation glides on easily, and if you're willing to put some grit into it, blends well too.
  • Leverage the coverage: Another strong advantage for this foundation is the coverage control you get. If you like being able to control the amount of coverage in your foundation makeup, then this stick is a good bet. The foundation essentially builds on itself, so if you feel as if you need a bit more coverage, you can go ahead and apply a little more.
  • A truly flawless finish: I must say, after applying Bobbi Brown's foundation, my skin does seem remarkable smooth. The finish is matte, so shine is definitely not a factor, and overall, the look is very even-toned.

The Cons

Here are a few of the disadvantages I found in my Bobbi Brown foundation review.

  • Mask like: Whenever you use mask and foundation in the same sentence, you know that you may be headed for a problem! Now, the truth of the matter is that this could just be my personal experience (since I'm not used to wearing foundation everyday), but my face felt a little bit stiff. That, however, may not be your experience. If you are used to the feel of foundation, you may not even notice this, and if you do, the appeal of the flawless finish may prove too irresistible to resist.
  • Dry: You'd be well advised to use a good moisturizer along with this foundation. I found the application to be a bit dry and the overall feel of my face was tight; not something I particularly enjoy.
  • Trouble with the shade: As with all foundations, finding the right color is tricky. You want your foundation to blend invisibly into your skin, without that telltale, demarcating line between your jaw and neck.

Unfortunately, the shade I chose was not the right match, but that doesn't mean that you'll have the same problem at all. In fact, Bobbi Brown first breaks her colors into categories and then into subdivisions. To give you a good idea of the colors she offers, here's a quick list:

  • Alabaster: Porcelain, Warm Ivory
  • Sand: Warm Sand, Beige
  • Warm Beige: Natural, Warm Natural
  • Honey: Golden, Warm Almond
  • Almond: Warm Walnut, Walnut
  • Chestnut: Espresso

The Verdict

The verdict is a bit of a mixed bag. I say yes to this foundation for special occasions where you really don't want any flaws to come through, like:

  • A job interview
  • Special meetings
  • A wedding (whether you're the bride, in the bridal party, or just a guest)
  • While taking photos

For everyday looks, however, especially when your just hanging our or having a Sunday brunch, I wouldn't bother. You really want to enjoy that kind of free time, and wearing a heavy coat of foundation just isn't conducive to kicking back, hanging out and wearing a ponytail. So, in short, this Bobbi Brown foundation review says yes to special occasions and no for everyday use.


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Bobbi Brown Foundation Review