Bobbi Brown Basic Makeup Palettes

Achieve a clean, natural look with the basics.

It's anything but basic, because the Bobbi Brown Basic makeup collection is known for turning heads with its gorgeous colors and practical designs.

The Bobbi Brown Premise

Though Bobbi Brown's makeup is universally recognized and widely beloved, what isn't usually acknowledged is that the idea to create the line was so revolutionary in the first place. While many lines existed by 1991, when the Brown collection was first launched, few offered as vast a selection of colors that approached beauty with such a realistic, down-to-earth approach.

Starting with Brown, a medium-toned pinkish-brown lipstick, the collection grew to include numerous other eye, lip and face colors, all with a focus on shades that were natural and flattering. Today, Bobbi Brown Cosmetics is one of the most popular makeup brands in the world and, and new collections are released every season.

Bobbi Brown Basic Makeup Palettes

"Basic" may best be defined as simple or fundamental, but it's safe to say there is nothing simple about the Bobbi Brown Basic makeup lineup. They are, however, fairly practical choices as makeup colors go, and that makes them safe choices for many women. In fact, Brown has touted her basic shades as the cosmetic equivalent of the multifunctional little black dress! They're colors almost anyone can wear to create or finish a look with polish and elegance.

The company also suggests that the Basics lineup is ideal for beginners to the world of makeup. For anyone who's never played around with eye shadow colors before or successfully created a color-coordinated eye look, a Basics palette might be a step in the right direction!

In addition to being ideal teaching tools for novices, the Basics products are also perfect for travel. Since they're packaged in sleek, mirrored palettes and include an application tool, they're especially handy for tossing into a makeup bag or slipping into a clutch for an evening out. Makeup emergencies are easily a thing of the past thanks to ingenious products like these.

The Basics Eye Palette

Universally flattering shades define this collection of four eye shadows. Packaged in a slim, black palette, it includes a dual-ended, miniature eye shadow and eyeliner brush. The included colors are Navajo, Cement, Heather Mauve Shimmer Wash and Mahogany. These names may mean nothing if you haven't been acquainted with the colors themselves, but a quick lesson on each will soon clear things right up!

  • Navajo is a creamy, pinkish-white shade meant to be worn as a base all over the entire eyelid.
  • Cement is a beige with grey undertones, ideal for wearing on the lid or in the crease.
  • Heather Mauve Shimmer Wash is a grey-brown with a hint of silver shot through, perfect for wearing on the lid or in the crease.
  • Mahogany is a dark ash brown, especially great for wearing wet as a liner.

The Basics Lip Palette

Wear them singularly or mix them up for a more personalized, unique look - creativity is just part of the beauty of the Basics Lip Palette. Filled with four lip glosses and lip colors (two of each), these shades flatter all skin tones and work just as harmoniously together as they do apart.

  • Naked lip gloss is a medium-nude shade with a pinkish undertone. It's a warm nude that pairs well with a dark, dramatic eye look.
  • Posey Shimmer lip gloss is a cool, icy pink infused with just a hint of shimmer. It adds a touch of color to the lips but is by and large a neutral shade.
  • Brownie lip color is a flattering pinkish-brown with just enough pigment. It falls slightly under the highly coveted "your lips but better" lip color category, though its warm tones save it from being a nude shade.
  • Rum Raisin lip color is a rich plum-brown that, despite appearing quite dark, resembles a natural lip stain on many skin tones. Tone it down if it looks too dark by applying a touch of Posey Shimmer gloss.

Where to Purchase

Both palettes are available on the official Bobbi Brown Web site for $45 each.

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Bobbi Brown Basic Makeup Palettes