Blush with a Hint of Sparkle

A sparkle blush is a perfect prom makeup idea.

One of the most flattering beauty products available is a blush with a hint of sparkle. This pretty item can be used year-round! A shimmery finish is beautiful on tanned skin or on lighter winter skin. No matter when it's worn, sparkly blushes can make a dramatic style statement.

Get Glowing

Blush is generally used to add a healthy flush of color to the face. Applied to the apples of the cheeks, it easily lends anyone a fresh, radiant look. Some women enjoy dusting a highlighter over the blush or in lieu of it to add a hint of shimmer to the face. This can be attractive on a summer day, especially when the skin is slightly tan and requires little makeup.

Sparkly blushes can be especially becoming for certain occasions. Though not practical for a day at the office or a meeting with the boss or a client, it can really energize the skin for a fun night out, a special date or a big party.

The Sparkly Blush Myth

Many women tend to shy away from sparkle-infused blushes for fear that they'll look too glittery or messy. While some blushes may leave the face looking like an art class project gone wrong, many others offer just the right amount of subtle shimmer. This is far more attractive and flattering than a dollop of glitter concentrated solely on the cheeks!

How to Use Blush with a Hint of Sparkle

Making the most of your sparkly blushes is as simple as adopting the right application technique. The simplest method is to pick up a bit of color on a blush brush and dust it onto the apples of the cheeks. Smile at yourself in the mirror to apply it precisely to the right spots. Use a light hand; too much will ensure you look remarkably like a disco ball, and that's likely not the effect you're going for!

One of the prettiest ways to use a sparkly blush is to layer it. The effect can be youthfully dewy and golden if done properly. This look has been seen all over the runways at Fashion Week and makes a remarkably natural transition to the real world. To achieve it, follow these easy steps:

  1. Apply your foundation.
  2. Touch the apples of your cheeks with a cream blush in any shade of peachy-pink (which is universally flattering). Blend well.
  3. Pick up a bit of blush with a large powder brush. Roll it over the cheeks to deposit equal amounts of color and sheen to the entire cheek area (as opposed to dropping a large quantity of sparkles onto one particular area). This inevitably results in a much more natural finish.

Color Choices

When it comes to shopping for a blush with a hint of sparkle, you'll find plenty of great options. The market is full of low- and high-end brands packed with subtle shimmer. The trick is to find the color that best flatters your skin tone and the blush formula that packs just the right about of shimmery punch; remember, you don't want to use anything that imparts too much of an impractical, glittery finish.

  • NARS Super Orgasm Blush: The legendary NARS Orgasm blush has been recreated and designed Super Orgasm. This time, the color is the same delightful shade of peachy-pink, but with an extra helping of gold shimmer. The result is a flattering, natural sheen that looks wonderful over makeup or on bare skin.
  • Bare Escentuals Rose Radiance All-Over Face Color: A multitasking cosmetic saves time and money - and this one also happens to add brilliant vibrance to any complexion. Dust this product on for a light glow, but don't hesitate to use it on the eyelids and even the lips to make a rosy statement.
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Blush with a Hint of Sparkle