Blue and Black Face Paint

The options are endless!

Whether you're supporting your favorite sports team or getting all dressed up for Halloween, you might find that blue and black face paint come in quite handy. There are plenty of inventive makeup looks that can be created with these two colors alone!

Why Blue and Black

Blue and black may generally be the colors associated with bruises, but they don't always have to result in an unsightly finish. If you've got the artistic touch or even just an idea in mind, you can achieve an enviable or dramatic look using these two hues. Of course, there's no better time than Halloween to make a wild idea come to life using unexpected colors. Black and blue definitely qualify!

How to Use Blue and Black Face Paint

There are plenty of creative ways to make use of blue and black face paint. Whether it's that spooky time of the year or you're supporting your favorite sports team, you can do a whole lot with these colors!

Support Your Team

Maybe your school's or favorite team's colors are blue and black. Whether you're tailgating on a brisk fall afternoon or cheering on your high school football team, you can go crazy with those paints and creative a number of striking facial designs.

  • Paint your favorite players number on one cheek and a team slogan on the other.
  • Etch the team's logo on your forehead or cheek.
  • Coat half your face with blue and the other half with black. Then use the opposite color to paint the team's logo on one side. You'll make quite a statement!

Scare the Neighbors

Blue can be cool and laid-back or cunning and dramatic. It's all in the shade you use - for example, an electric blue is more associated with cheerful moods and warm weather, while navy blue has an edgier quality associated with late nights and cool weather. Black, on the other hand, is always dark, chic and a bit gothic when worn in certain ways. Depending on the look you're going for, your black face paint can make you the scariest person on the block or simply one of the most striking. Here are a few tips for making the most of your face paints:

  • Get catty. The opportunities to flaunt face paint this way are few and far between, so it's best to take advantage of it now! Use the black paint to dramatize your eyebrows, giving them some lift at the arch, tracing past the inner eye and moving down to the side of your nose.

This curved line is only part of the final look; next, use the black paint to draw several whiskers on both sides of the mouth, and finish with a few black stripes on the forehead. Use a cool blue in the area between the lines around your nose, taking care to color all the way up to the stripes on your forehead. Voila: Striking cat makeup!

  • Beautiful butterflies: If you're seeking a more elegant look, consider etching a pretty butterfly motif on your face. This is easily accomplished with blue and black paints, but you'll also want something glittery to add that feminine finishing touch to the look. Your eyes and cheeks are the areas you'll work most with for this look.

Begin by tracing a butterfly wing shape with your black paint, starting at outer corner of the eyebrow, extending upward to the temple, running down past the other side of the eyebrow, falling below the apple of the cheek and then extending upward to the area right outside the nostril. Note that the starting and ending points won't meet! Then fill in this entire area with the blue of your choice - a light, smoky blue works nicely because it contrasts well with the darker black. Finish with a few stick-on faux diamonds to add some gleam to your wings.

You're not done yet, though! Draw three small vertical black dots between your eyebrows (the lowest dot should be aligned with your eyes). Use a thin line of blue paint to create the butterfly's antennae, and finish with a slick of blue-toned lipstick coated with silver lip gloss. The effect is ethereal, light and eye-catching!

Where to Purchase

You'll find great selections of face paint at pop-up Halloween boutiques, which are usually open temporarily throughout the season. You can also shop online at theatrical stores.

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Blue and Black Face Paint