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Blinc Makeup for Sensitive Eyes

 Blinc mascara comes off without the use of harsh chemical removers.
Blinc mascara is gentle.

Blinc makeup for sensitive eyes is part of an advanced line of revolutionary makeup formerly marketed as the Kiss Me brand.


Blinc is a large international company with markets in over 30 countries world-wide. Today Blinc's products are sold in more than 10,000 high-end spas and beauty supply stores in the United States alone. It is one of America's fasted growing companies and has been ranked on the Inc. 5000 list for the last three years.

Blinc Makeup for Sensitive Eyes

One reason for Blinc's success is that the company prides itself on introducing beauty products that are safe and exceptional. In the process they have redefined how these products are made, applied and even how they are removed. In the process they have created a whole line of eye makeup suitable for sensitive eyes.

Blinc Mascara

Blinc mascara is a clinically tested product shown to be non-irritating for sensitive eyes, and it is also suitable for people who wear contact lenses. This innovative mascara is designed in a way unlike any other. When applied, Blinc mascara creates small water-resistant tubes around each eyelash. The effect is a great look that doesn't run, smudge, clump or flake. It holds up even if you cry or wear it during a sweaty work out. The end result is that it looks as good in the evening as it does in the morning.

All of this sounds much like promises made by a number of other cosmetic companies, but Blinc mascara not only has a radiant look that lasts but at the end of the day it can be removed without those harsh makeup removers famous for torturing sensitive eyes. To remove Blinc mascara all you have to do is apply a warm washcloth, slide the tiny tubes off your lashes and toss them in the trash! This mascara can also be removed using the warm, gentle pressure available in the shower. It loosens the tubes so they slide off in your fingers and rinse down the drain.

Blinc Eyeliner for Sensitive Eyes

Blinc eyeliner differs from traditional paint-on eyeliners and was rated as a "beauty breakthrough" by Prevention Magazine. Blinc eyeliner is water-resistant and provides a delicate layer of color to define the contour of your eyes. Just like the mascara, it doesn't fade, run or flake even if you rub your eye. The removal process for this water-resistant eye makeup does not require harsh chemical removers. Instead, it peels off your skin after applying warm water and gentle pressure. This can be done with a warm washcloth or in the shower. You can actually feel it become saturated and loosen from the skin. When it's ready, just slide it off your eyelid in once piece.

Blinc Eye Shadows

Blinc Eye Shadow Phase One comes in 2 skin tones: Light Tone and Flesh Tone. This product is used under your powder shadows as a base designed to make your shadow stay on until you are ready to remove it. Not only that, but the ingredients offer anti-aging benefits that help conceal and fill-in fine lines. The result is a smooth lid ready for eye shadow application. At the end of the day, when you are ready to take off your makeup, Eye Shadow Phase One should be removed using a gentle makeup remover.

Celebrities Who Wear Blinc

Blinc makeup for sensitive eyes isn't worn just by people with allergies, sensitive eyes, or who wear contacts. A wide range of celebrities choose Blinc as their makeup of choice including such notables as:

  • Jennifer Lopez
  • Jessica Alba
  • Eliza Dushku
  • Miley Cyrus

If you want makeup that's easy on your sensitive eyes, looks great and comes off without harsh makeup removers, Blinc may be just the product you've been looking for.

Blinc Makeup for Sensitive Eyes