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The right eyeliner can help you look <em>this</em> good.

Applying and removing eyeliner is a breeze with blinc eyeliner.

About Blinc

Blinc, an international cosmetic company founded by husband-and-wife team Lewis and Suma Farsedakis, makes makeup application a snap with its line of innovative, revolutionary products. Among them are the following:

  • Kiss Me Eyeliner
  • Kiss Me Mascara
  • Lash Primer
  • Lash Curler

The Magic of Blinc Eyeliner

If you've ever ended up with a bumpy, uneven smudge or a raccoon-like ring, you probably gave up trying to line your eyes a long time ago. Even with the wide selection of eyeliners available - among them pencils, pens and gels - lining the eyes can be a tricky feat for the inexperienced. Blinc offers a product that may well be considered a magical tool for anyone who loves to wear - or would love to wear - eyeliner. The brand's dramatic liquid eyeliner packs a punch with its unique formula. Known as Kiss Me, blinc eyeliner is unlike any other. It boasts the following traits:

  • It is water-resistant. If weddings and sappy commercials bring you to tears at the drop of a hat, you're probably familiar with runny eye makeup. Give yourself one less thing to cry about - this eyeliner won't smudge, fade, run or flake, no matter what you do. It is not susceptible to tears, eye-rubbing or nature's elements.
  • It is dramatic. As anyone with a love for sexy makeup can appreciate, a strong line around the lashes can really make eyes pop. Play up your features with one of three intense shades, including:
  1. Black
  2. Medium brown
  3. Dark blue
  • It is safe for people with sensitive eyes. If you wear contact lenses or suffer from allergies, you probably avoid certain brands of eye makeup in order to avoid discomfort and irritation. Blinc eyeliner is specially formulated with fewer ingredients than typical eyeliners. As a result, this hypoallergenic product is less likely to cause a reaction on people with sensitive eyes.
  • It is effortless to remove. They made the easy-on, easy-off method famous with their famed mascara. Now blinc offers the same technology in their eyeliner. It is the only eyeliner on the market that requires only a swipe of the hand and a splash of warm water to remove.
  • It is easy to control. The tip is soft and malleable, yet sturdy enough to draw either a fine or a thick line. The extra-thin brush makes it easy to draw a straight line.

Important Tips

Blinc's version is as easy to use as any liquid eyeliner, but it offers the added benefits of easy removal and sensitive-eye safety. It is important to remember the following points in order to ensure your eyeliner really lasts:

  • Make sure your eye area is completely dry before application. This eyeliner requires a completely clean application surface in order to appropriately adhere to the skin. Do not apply any substances, such as concealer, foundation or moisturizer, to the eye area prior to application.
  • Wait one minute after application to allow the eyeliner to set.
  • Do not apply the eyeliner to the inner rim of the eyelid. Though this is generally considered an unsafe practice because it can cause infections, many people do wear eyeliner on the inner rim regularly. However, this eyeliner is designed to work on a clean, dry surface, so the wet inner rim of the lid is not a practical spot to apply the makeup.
  • The aluminum screw-top storage cylinder is reusable! This is a surprisingly handy little tool that is ideal for storing small items, such as bobby pins, tweezers or eye and lip pencils, in a purse.

How to Remove

Plenty of warm water and gentle pressure are the two main ingredients necessary to successfully remove this eyeliner. It literally slides off the skin as the pressure and water combine to release it. This is easily accomplished by applying pressure with a wet hand, washcloth or with a showerhead. Be sure to use enough water - the eyeliner is extremely long-lasting and water-resistant, so its removal depends on a strong combination of force and moisture.

Where to Purchase

Blinc products are available online at the following boutiques:

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Blinc Eyeliner