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Black Radiance is a makeup line that is made especially for women of color. The products can usually be found in Rite Aid, Walgreens and some Target locations. Black Radiance can also be ordered online. The line has shadows, lipsticks, blushes, glosses and foundations.


Black Radiance makeup comes in liquid, cream to powder and a cream foundation that is suitable for light complexions to deep, rich complexions. Some of the other foundations designed for black women, tend to make the face look reddish or orange. Foundation shades are also known to make the skin look ashy or dull if they are not the correct color.

Black Radiance advertises that the foundation will not look red nor ashy. The foundations are oil free and are available in a six shades. The cream to powder foundation is said to slide on and dry to a powder in a few minutes.

While the stick foundation has a creamy consistency and is meant to be applied on the skin, directly from the tube and blended . The stick foundation has SPF 15 protection. Loose powder and press powder from the line can be worn over the foundations to touch up the foundation or to make the look extra matte.

Bronzers, Shimmers and Blush

Women of color can add a glow to their skin with bronzers and shimmers. The line has face and body bronzers that add dimension to the skin by creating highlights. There are two shade duos to choose from in the Velvet and Glow Illuminators. Highlight cheekbones or place the product under the eyebrows to enhance the eyes.

Shimmers, a popular look for the summer months, are available in a tube/brush combination. The shimmers sparkle on all dark tones, according to the Black Radiance web site. The sheer blushes in the line are blended to give black women a natural uplift to their cheekbones without looking garish. They provide buildable color. Apply less for a subtle look and layer on more for drama.


Black Radiance also has concealer, packaged in a tube that resembles lipstick and cream concealers that should be applied with a brush or sponge. The concealers are promised to cover dark spots which are a common problem in African American skin. The before and after photos on the Black Radiance site show a transformation using the line's concealer.

Eye Shadows and Eyeliners

Shadows in the line are sold in duos and quads. The quad palette has a mirror. Everyone has a favorite for eyeliner, pencil, liquid, or felt tip and Black Radiance has a variety of eyeliners to suit people's taste. The eyeliners in the line are available in pencil, fine line liquid that is waterproof, and a waterproof felt pen version. Eyeliner shades go beyond the basic black; in addition to black, they are sold in blue black and bronze.

Lipstick, Liners and Lip Gloss

One of the most impressive things about the line is the number of lipstick shades available for African American women. Most lines have a couple of dozen shades at the most, but this line touts more than 40 shades of lipstick. There are fewer lip gloss shades, but the collection is not paltry. There are three different types of lip glosses, one basic liquid gloss, with 14 colors, and two shimmers. The Illusions shimmering gloss has three shades, and the Radiance has about 10 shades.

Nail Color

Nail color completes the line's offering. Marketed as Calcium enriched nail polish, the colors range from black to gold. The usual deep red, plums and pinks. Several of the shades are golden. The green shade, Grasshopper, and the blue black, Blue Nile go a bit beyond the obvious shades.

This line is considered a drugstore line. The products are less expensive than department store lines or professional lines like MAC. Foundations in the line are under $10 and lipsticks are under $5. Try this line for specialized colors that suit darker skin tones.

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Black Radiance Makeup