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Black Opal cosmetics were introduced in 1994 by BioCosmetic Research Labs with the collaboration of Dr. Cheryl Burgess. Black Opal is available worldwide in the United States, Europe, Canada, and Africa as well as other countries.

About Black Opal

Black Opal was created to provide cosmetics and skin care for men and women of color. Featuring color cosmetics, four skincare lines for women and a line of men's shaving products, they have not only meet this need, but exceeded it. In addition to providing a wide variety of high quality products, Black Opal is very affordable.

About Dr. Burgess

Dr. Cheryl Burgess is an African-American, board certified dermatologist who saw a great need in the skin care industry for products that addressed the unique needs of skin of color. Dr. Burgess is not only the co-founder of Black Opal, she is also the Assistant Clinical Professor of Dermatology at Georgetown University Hospital and George Washington University Hospital. Among her accomplishments, she has successfully helped to formulate Black Opal products to produce results.

Face Products

Black Opal has a wide selection of face products to enhance any tone of black skin. Foundations are available in five formulations, add your choice of two concealers and finish with one of four powders. These high quality face products nourish your skin and correct uneven tones or dark spots for a flawless face every day.

Lip and Nail Products

Lips are nourished and indulged with any of the six lip color formulations that you may choose. Lip liners are available in the traditional precision pencil or the automatic pencil that never need sharpening. Choose from an array of colors from reserved, every day shades to high fashion color. Patent nail lacquer is chip resistant in nine long-wearing colors.

Eye Products

Eye shadows come in Duos, Starbursts and Quads to enhance your eyes for any occasion. Eye definers also are available in the precision pencil or automatic pencil, in an assortment of browns, blacks and metallics. Complete your look with waterproof lash defining mascara in black.

Women's Skin Care

Fade Products

Fade products are designed to eliminate dark spots and uneven skin tones. Lightening is achieved with a citrus lightening complex or, in some products, hydroquinone. You should always test your skin for sensitivity when using products containing hydroquinone by applying a small amount to your forearm. Cover this area with a bandage to keep it dry. Leave the bandage in place for two days. If, after two days, irritation occurs, you should not use the product further.

Follow Black Opal's three step system for beautiful skin:

  • Step One: Cleanse and Pre-Fade: Gently cleanse and exfoliate your skin using Daily Fade Cleanser or Pre-Fade Complexion Bar twice a day. Both products are good for all skin types and contain special enzymes to brighten your skin.
  • Step Two: Daytime Fade: Choose from Daily Fade Lotion SPF 15 or Advanced Dual Phase Fade Crème for morning use. Daily Fade Lotion is lightweight and oil-free. Advanced Dual Phase Fade Crème contains hydroquinone and should only be applied to dark areas.
  • Step Three: Evening Fade: In the evening, choose from Essential Fade Complex or Advanced Dual Complex Fade Gel. Essential Fade Complex brightens your skin with retinol and hydroxy acids. Advanced Dual Complex Fade Gel lightens and exfoliates with hydroquinone and glycolic. If you do not see the benefits within six weeks, discontinue use.

You can also pamper your body with Fade body products. Exfoliate and brighten your skin by using Foaming Body Wash two to three times a week. Then nourish your skin using Body Fade Crème Botanical Formula for sensitive skin, or Body Fade Crème Extra Strength with 2% hydroquinone. Both moisturizers can be used twice a day.

Fade products contain the most effective fading formulas available without a prescription. Results may be seen in as few as 14 days. Fade products range in price from $3.50 to $11.95.

Other Skin Care Products

  • The Skin Renewal line consists of seven products designed to fight the effects of aging while brightening and nourishing the skin on your face and body.
  • Black Opal's Blemish System is a line of seven products that have been specially formulated for oily or problem skin.
  • Maintenance products are hypoallergenic and were created to give you a healthy, natural complexion. Maintenance products have a limited availability.

Men's Skin Care

Men of color have special skin care needs, too. The Shaving Survival System features a bio-hydroxy complex consisting of beta hydroxy acid and natural plant derivatives; using this system results in smoothe healthy skin. Retail price for Razor Bump Recovery System is $9.95. Other Shaving Survival products are priced at $5.95.

Where to Buy

Black Opal cosmetics can be purchased at select WalMart and beauty supply stores. Find a store near you by clicking here. You can also purchase online at Cheryl Burgess or Allure Beauty Supply. Try these affordable high quality products and find out why Black Opal is "what looking beautiful is all about".

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