Bill Blass Discount Women's Fragrances

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Want to find Bill Blass discount women's fragrance? No problem! Even if you're having a hard time finding it in stores, you can find it online. Better yet, you can find it cheap!

About Bill Blass

Bill Blass has been making his mark on the fashion world since 1940. Not to be a wallflower (though his fragrances are plenty floral!), he was a pioneer in taking a designer's name and putting it on the clothing; his own name, his own designs.

Over the course of the next thirty years, he contributed clothing, sunglasses, shoes, jeans, fragrances, and more to American culture and fashion in general. He even branched out to Lincoln Town Cars and chocolate!

Sadly, he retired in the spring of 2000. Bill Blass fragrances, however, are still for sale, so if you already love them or if you want to try them for the first time, it won't be hard to do.

Finding Bill Blass Discount Women's Fragrance

First we'll start with the obvious place to look for something when you need a great deal: eBay. Read sellers' reviews to make sure you can trust that the scent is authentic. Once you do that, you may find yourself scoring a great price.

Fragrance X is another hot spot for Bill Blass discount women's fragrances. For $21.97 you can get 1.7 oz of Bill Blass Nude. For $28.90, you can get 3.4 oz. That's a savings of 54 percent and 49 percent respectively. Get Amazing perfume for up to 71 percent off.

The Aura of the Scents

Bill Blass discount women's fragrances seem to possess the essence of femininity. Whether they're meant for causal or romantic use, you can bet there's at least a floral undertone. Don't count on these to be unisex. There is a separate collection of Bill Blass men's fragrances to choose from; there's no need for overlap.

Most of the Bill Blass fragrances are floral, spicy oriental, or a combination of the two. Whether you're in the mood for romance or you just want something for a normal day, you can find something within the Bill Blass line to fit your mood.

The Fragrances Themselves

Bill Blass isn't the fragrance-it's the line. Within that line there are a few different perfumes for the choosing. Here are a few:

  • Bill Blass: Fresh cut flowers, cinnamon, and sandalwood make this one a quietly seductive fragrance full of spices and girlishness. This scent was the beginning of all the other Bill Blass scents back in 1978.
  • Nude: Feminine and floral, this is a scent for flirty summer days in sundresses and the whispering of sweet nothings. It came out in 1990, so it's much younger than the original Bill Blass fragrance.
  • Hot: This one is the spiciest of all the Bill Blass scents. It combines bergamot, jasmine, rose, lily of the valley, sandalwood, cinnamon, bay leaf, vanilla, amber, and musk. It's an intricate oriental scent for the average woman. It debuted in 1990.
  • Amazing: Delightfully casual, Amazing packs an understated punch by combining mandarin, wild muguet, cotton flowers, hydrangea, water lily, mimosa, and musk. This one's relatively new, having come out in 1999.

So If You're a Girly-Girl…

If floral and spicy are your callings when it comes to scents, you're a Bill Blass kind of girl. If you've never tried the scents and you can't find it to sample in the store, try purchasing a miniature size at one of the sites listed above. You could also look for a less expensive designer oil knock-off. Luckily, there are quite a few sites online that offer Bill Blass fragrances for discount prices, so even if you decide to buy the full size but the scent's just not for you, you're not out much money.

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Bill Blass Discount Women's Fragrances