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Benefit Cosmetics Justine Case

Tanya Sharma
The ease of the Justine case.

In this worrying economic climate, a product like Benefit Cosmetics Justine Case might be just what beauty addicts in a financial crunch are hoping to add to their collections. Designed with a "do it all" mentality in mind, this cute collection aims to offer a practical way for women to stay stylish no matter where they are.

About Benefit Cosmetics Justine Case

Whether the goal is to save time or money (or, more likely, both), products that promise to do it all in a short period of time for a reasonable amount of money are instantly appealing. Benefit Cosmetics reigns supreme when it comes to creating products with cute, charming aesthetics; few women can resist the retro-inspired artwork on the packaging and the products that promise to change their lives, at least superficially.

That may be why I was reeled in by Justine Case, a product with a quirky name and a sensible objective. The self-proclaimed "beauty refresher kit" is a portable wonder containing four of the famous brand's most popular products:

Anyone who's familiar with and likes these products is probably already impressed, but it should be noted that all items are miniature size to fit into the portable, mirrored case. This might be a drawback for people hoping to score a real bargain, but it's also worth noting that Justine Case is designed with portability in mind. Carrying around full size packages in a handbag is an unrealistic feat for most women, and Benefit seems to have capitalized on the desire for women to look great with their favorite products - without actually having to lug them around in a hefty makeup bag.

The Products

Benefit touts the products in Justine Case as the "one-hit wonders" of the brand. They each work their magic on specific parts of the face, and worn together they aim to create a flawless, impeccable look that's both natural and glamorous at once.

Some Kind-A Gorgeous

A favorite of beauty aficionados everywhere, this cream-to-powder foundation is easy to apply and creates a smooth, silky canvas. I was pleased with how flawless my skin looked after application. The downside to this product is that it's only for medium to deep skin tones; anyone with fair or very dark skin will not be able to pull it off. Additionally, Justine Case contains a very small amount of this product - .08 ounces, to be exact. I used a small powder poof to apply the makeup and needed to collect quite a bit in order to see a difference on my skin. While the product itself is phenomenal, the miniscule quantity in this kit somehow defeats the purpose - I used up so much in one go that it almost didn't' seem worth it.


Benetint is an old favorite and beauty industry classic. It's used to create an instant rosy glow on the cheeks and lips, and it works beautifully. The trick is to blend immediately, or you risk showing off berry splotches instead of a natural flush. The .08 ounce size in this kit will definitely last a while. It's great to tuck into a purse or cosmetic bag and is versatile enough to add a little color on those days when your skin (or you!) feel exceptionally drab.

California Kissin'

This product was new to me, although I've tried similar products and have never been very impressed. California Kissin' is designed to freshen your breath and brighten your smile all in one simple swipe. The gloss boasts a very subtle aquamarine-blue sheen (yes, blue), which is meant to make the teeth appear whiter. The gloss also has a minty flavor, which is supposed to impart fresh breath. I can't say I was particularly impressed by this gloss. The trial .08 ounce size makes it easy to slick on in a jiffy and it's especially nice to apply after a meal, but it doesn't actually seem to differ much from other glosses out there.


Eyecon is one of my personal favorite beauty products, so I was happy to see a .08 ounce size tucked into this kit. It's just the ideal size for slipping into a purse - and great for using on late nights, when it's helpful for brightening up the eye area while diminishing the appearance of fine lines. Granted, I've never used it for skin care purposes, but it works perfectly as an eye brightener and is great on those rushed mornings when eye makeup is the last thing on my mind.

The Verdict

Since I've been a longtime fan of Benetint and Eyecon, I'm at least half sold on this product. It gave me the opportunity to use Some Kind-A Gorgeous and appreciate all the praise the foundation has received. However, the gloss was a waste and the size of Some Kind-A Wonderful was a drawback for me. Though I appreciate the product's purpose and love the idea of having some of these favorites designed small enough to fit inside my purse, I would not recommend the $32 case unless you're already a fan of each product on its own. Benefit Cosmetics Justine Case is cute, yes, but it's not the most worthwhile expense - and that's something absolutely crucial in this day and age.

Benefit Cosmetics Justine Case