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It was a very Merry Christmas to me indeed when someone finally heard my cry for help against the attack of my evil pores and bought me Benefit Cosmetics Dr. Feel Good. Did it solve my beauty issues? Continue below to read my review on this innovative beauty product.

Soften Your Skin and Tame Those Pores

According to the Benefit website, Dr. Feelgood is designed to be applied over makeup to matte the skin and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. When I read these words, I was anxious to give it a test run, since makeup usually falls prey to my pores and oily skin. I'll try anything and everything, and quite honestly I have. Playing with a new product claiming to solve my everyday issues is always a tempting way to spend my mirror time, especially something from Benefit's line of quality goodies to be had.

Review of Benefit Cosmetics Dr. Feel Good

My skin was smoother and it worked as a perfect finishing makeup setter. Below are the rest of the yays and nays involving my experience with "the doctor."

Benefit Dr. Feel Good
Pros And Cons Description
Pros *This product goes on so smoothly, you will never experience any greasy after effect. It gets the job done, clings to your skin, and doesn't ruin your makeup job. It also works great as a primer if you are looking for a smoothed out complexion before you apply your foundation. *My skin can be sort of sensitive and angry, and Dr. Feel Good didn't irritate it in the least. I am usually fairly cautious with makeup items that claim to "control" skin, because usually that tends to be code for "beat into submission and leave a rash behind," but it definitely enhanced rather than destroyed my face. *Convenient size. It was easy to stash this in my purse, and it was great for a smoothing touch up when I didn't have time to reapply all of my cosmetics.
* If anyone tells you that Dr. Feel Good is "scent free", then they are phonies. The product has a definitive odor that made my husband squirm and complain when I applied it in his car. While the smell goes away as soon as it is applied and the jar is shut, it can still be a gross-out fest for other people around you in small spaces. Apply at home or in big public bathrooms. It is a not a car cosmetic. *There is always the risk of clogged pores when you add another layer of product onto your face. I've only used Dr. Feel Good for a short while, so I am intrigued (terrified?) to see what it does to my skin over time. But hey for now, I'm clear and silky smooth! *Dr. Feel Good can be considered a slight rip off. While it definitely smoothes the skin, it doesn't minimize the pores very well, and at over $26.00 a pop, I have been happier with similarly priced products like Philosophy Supernatural.

Doctor, I Feel Bad…

Overall, I have decided I will continue to use Benefit Cosmetics Doctor Feel Good, as it seems to work well for my skin type. However, I have read enough online reviews to feel compelled to caution you there is an army of Benefit users out there crying foul when it comes to this product. The outcome truly depends upon your own unique skin chemistry. You will love Dr. Feel Good if:

  • Your skin isn't ultra-sensitive or acne-prone.
  • You are looking for a good primer before applying other Benefit makeup products or other compatible formulas.
  • You're a sucker for cute packaging. Dr. Feel Good, as well as the rest of Benefit's products, consistently remain leader of the pack in this arena.
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Benefit Cosmetics Dr. Feel Good