Benefit Cosmetics

Choosing the right makeup look is easy.

Benefit Cosmetics is the inherent answer to the question, "where can you take advantage of some of the best benefits in skincare?"

Double the Gumption

When two twins were born in Indiana, their quirkiness was noticeable from the beginning. Full of vibrancy and creativity, Jean and Jane Ford grew up inseparable and full of good ideas. All grown up and taking this flair for the creative to San Francisco in hopes of making it as models, they instead got turned on to the idea of starting their own cosmetics boutique.

Benefit got its start as a small, humor filled shop in San Francisco's mission district that turned into a trendy craze so big that Louis Vuitton acquired them in 1999, and their popularity has only grown. Today they are available at over 650 makeup counters worldwide and their catalog and website generates even more sales.

The twins' great attitude and sunny disposition that shines through their fun products has led to their great success.

There is a Benefit in Laughter

The silliness of the twins' personalities is something that has truly lent itself to the phenomenal success of their products. With whimsical product names such as ooh la lift, f.y…eye, and swinging sweeties, their cosmetics make people feel good about wearing them while having fun at the same time.

Their products flaunt the sparkle and shine with iridescent lip glosses and shimmering powders, to the flirtier BadGal lash set and more, this is the ultimate one stop beauty shop for any girl looking for a little personality with her makeup experience.

Quirkiness is key when it comes to Benefit cosmetics, and this is most apparent on their official website where their carefree personalities and quality products are showcased beautifully.

Benefit Cosmetics Favorites

One customer favorite is called the "realness of concealness", which is part of their fake-it line. A kit that features pint sized versions of some of their best sellers such as lemon-aid discoloration corrector, to the boi-ing under eye circle concealer, this handy kit contains a total of five quick fixers in a friendly travel size you can take with you on the go or to any party.

Big Beautiful Eyes is another favorite. An eye contour kit that is again small in size but big in results. In romantic shades of brown and pink that fit a wide range of complexions, ladies love the convenience of this eye kit including great application brushes and even a little booklet with pictures and instructions as to how to get the perfect Benefit cosmetics enhanced look!

Valley of the Stars is a final top pick with its gloss and shadows that let you shimmer and shine on any dance floor or even in your cube at work. Who said that you have to be famous to look like a movie star? With Benefit cosmetics at work, you can feel this way every day with their high gloss collection that makes you look like a million dollars.

The Price is Right

Your wallet won't suffer too terribly from Benefit cosmetics, and with their convenient online shopping and easy reorder system, you can find your favorites in a flash without having to sift through an entire catalog.

Benefit cosmetics sales are made up of plenty of repeat customers and now present your chance to become one of them. Check out their website or visit your favorite high end cosmetics counter for more information or to sample their fantastic array of beauty boosters.


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Benefit Cosmetics