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Women who have always envisioned a seaside wedding may want to follow some beach bridal makeup tips to ensure they look as beautiful as possible on their big day.

Beach Makeup Considerations

Whether you decide to exchange vows on the beach or in a beachside location, consider the season and time of day you hold your wedding. These factors should help you when choosing makeup colors and styles. Many beach weddings take place during late spring and summer, but some couples may want to get married on the beach in the middle of winter.

If you marry during the popular summer season, your beach bridal makeup may be close to flawless if you:

Use a Light Base

Choose a lightweight foundation, or if your complexion is in great shape, go without. It's a good idea to begin a good skin care routine months before your wedding; many brides also try to diet and exercise in the months preceding their big day to look their best. A sheer liquid foundation or a concealer-only approach will make sure your skin glows and isn't covered by a thick, matte base.A light dusting of translucent powder makes it easier for your beautiful complexion to shine through. Another reason to stick to lightweight makeup is photography: depending on the time of day, harsh sunlight can make heavy cosmetics show up in pictures in an unflattering way.

Stick to Light Color

Pink, peach, lavender and sky blue are all good beach makeup colors. Thick, black eyeliner may appear too heavy for a seaside wedding. However, if those colors don't work well with your skin tone, you can also try shades of gold, silver, and even varying shades of green and purple.

Wear Waterproof Makeup

Chances are you'll be very emotional on your wedding day, so waterproof mascara is a must. Even if you don't cry, you may find yourself perspiring in warm weather. Makeup that won't run due to moisture, including waterproof foundation, helps ensure your look isn't ruined.

Match Makeup to Dress

You're not matching the color, you're matching the style. If your gown is long, flowing, and full of intricate details, your makeup look may be more classic, with well-defined eyes and red lipstick. If your look is ultra-casual, you may choose a natural face with barely-there makeup.

Beach Bridal Makeup Looks

Many brides-to-be consult with professional makeup artists to help them select a great wedding day look. You can visit the cosmetics counter in your local department store to see if any of the consultants will help you. Some of the associates may either moonlight as makeup artists or know someone who'll apply bridal party makeup.

For a great beach bridal look, try these suggestions:

  • Shimmery: A pale eyeshadow with a hint of shimmer can easily brighten your eyes. Choose pale blue, pearl, pale taupe, peach or pink colors. Use a thin eyeshadow brush to line your lower lids with the same shimmery shade. A thin line of black eyeliner is optional. Apply several coats of mascara in brown or black. A light application of pale blush in powder or cream form won't be too heavy. Lipstick in any shade of pink or even classic red will look fantastic.
  • Natural: Maybe your beachside wedding will be very casual and you want your makeup to reflect that. You can create a natural look without looking bare-faced. Dust your skin with sheer powder. Apply brown or black eyeliner to your eyelids, pale blush to your cheeks (blend well) and a glossy lip color close to your natural lip color. A coat or two of mascara will complete your casual bridal ensemble nicely.
  • Evening or winter: If your beach nuptials take place in the evening or winter season, your makeup can be a little heavier, but remember to keep the location in mind.

Beautiful Beach Nuptials

Whether you marry in summer or winter, outdoor weddings can be especially beautiful. When your beach makeup matches your seaside theme well, you're sure to be a gorgeous bride on your special day.

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