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Lip gloss can be worn alone or over lipstick.

Ballmania Lip Gloss, Minnesota residents know, keeps winter's chapped lips and cold winds at bay. Winters in Minnesota can be brutal at times. If you love lip gloss, but dread the tacky feel of many of the available brands, or you're tired of the plainness of Chapstick, you'll definitely want to check out Ballmania as an option. One of the biggest cautions for lip gloss wearers is to make sure to protect lips from damaging sun rays and potential cancer.

Since Minnesota is a land of extreme temperatures, this lip sunscreen protection is not only especially important during the hot summer months, but also important all year long. Just because those Minnesota winters are long and cold, doesn't mean you can skimp on SPF protection during that time either. A good balm should ideally be worn all year long. Lip gloss wearers often don't think to add SPF lip protection to their skin care and makeup routine, but because gloss is shiny, it can attract the sun, which is strong in both winter and summer in Minnesota. Most lip gloss does not contain SPF either, but Ballmania is the exception to the rule.

What Makes Ballmania Unique

Ballmania balms come in a little round ball that is halved, and unscrews by turning the top and bottom halves in opposite directions. The shape and size of the ball allows users to carry it easily in a purse, pocket or place it in out of the way spots like a glove box or school locker. As an added bonus, if you're digging around in your handbag, you'll be able to easily feel the Ballmania balm and locate it from the bottom of your purse. No more digging around in the bottom of your purse, while trying to walk from one building to the next in the brisk wind.

The balm has many oils and nutrients to keep lips kissable soft. You'll find ingredients such as:

  • Aloe Vera
  • Shea Butter
  • Vitamin A
  • Vitamin C
  • Vitamin D3
  • Vitamin E

The lid closes tightly, so there isn't the risk of bottom of purse fuzz that you get with other balms and glosses. The balm offers a soft shine that is perfect for everyday wear. While not as shiny as some other glosses, Ballmania has a pleasing scent, feel and taste. Most wearers report that it is a light, sugary-vanilla scent and taste. Reviews also indicate that it is not easy to lick this balm off, so it has staying power. This means that even a fast Minnesota wind will be unlikely to dry this balm out too quickly.

Minnesota Sports and the Importance of Lip Balm

Many Minnesotans love their winter sports, such as snowmobiling, ice skating, sledding, hockey, downhill skiing, ice fishing and cross-country skiing. Although the wind whipping through your hair can be exhilarating, the damage it can do to your skin and lips is not very glamorous. In addition to a good sunscreen, sports enthusiasts should use products such as Ballmania Lip Gloss in Minnesota outdoor events. Don't worry about finding the perfect look to complement sports or a night on the town…

Balmania Styles

This company offers the gloss in many different styles.

Sports Series Line

You'll find a wide variety of styles for the sports minded girl. Balls are designed for the following sports:

  • Softball
  • Volleyball
  • Tennis
  • Golf
  • Basketball
  • Baseball
  • Pool
  • Soccer

Gallery Series

The gallery series offers some really fun and funky designs, such as:

  • Sandi: Gold colored ball with bursts of color.
  • 1967: If you love the flower child era, you'll adore this little ball with psychedelic flowers and bold colors.
  • Tatu: This ball will please those who love blues. Created in a pattern that is reminiscent of old china, there are several shades of blue involved.
  • Shades: This ball is bright pink and has little creatures with sunglasses all over it. The creatures look like aardvarks.
  • Safari: This Ballmania balm features a zebra stripe pattern.
  • Gi Gi: Offers more of a giraffe print for a wild and untamed look that will bring out the wild woman in you.
  • Balm Springs: Cute, green and blue print of palm fronds.
  • Daisy May: Browns, pinks and blues and lots of different sizes of daisies make this ball interesting and girly.
  • The Princess: Pretty in pink ball features high heeled boots, rings and other bling that makes a girl's world go around.
  • Jumbles: This look offers a medium brown-gold background with circles and dots in green and white. Nice geometric design that would go perfect with a traditional Coach purse or neutral colors.

Where to Buy Ballmania Lip Gloss in Minnesota

The entire lip balm line, is very reasonably priced at around five dollars each. The Ballmania website mentions that the sphere holds twice as much balm as a traditional stick. This means you get more bang for your buck too.

In addition to purchasing Ballmania from their official website, Minnesotans can find Ballmania at sites such as Many high end boutiques and beauty salons also carry this product in the state of Minnesota, but it's probably quickest and easiest to purchase the style you'd like at an online retailer. You can compare prices through sites such as Nextag and Yahoo Shopping.

Buy one or buy a set, but be sure to try this little balm in the strange container. You just might love it!

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