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The lovely Ms. Ashley Peldon

Sweet scents and a commitment to healthy ingredients are the cornerstones of Ashley Peldon's successful venture, Starring…! Fragrances. We sat down with the actress and perfumer to discuss the fragrance, body and hair care company she started in 2006, her plans for the future and, of course, her fragrance recommendations!


LTK: Thanks so much for taking the time to speak with us, Ashley! You've been an actress since childhood. What lead to your transition into the beauty industry, and how was Starring…! Fragrances born?

Ashley Peldon: Thank you so much! I'm so excited to have the opportunity to talk about my product line since it is a very personal venture for me. I started working as an actress when I was three years old, so I've always been around creative people, many of whom I've admired. Once I graduated from college with my degree in psychology (and between acting projects!), I suddenly found that I had some free time on my hands. Actually, even when I am working, there's lots of time on sets where you're kind of just hanging out, waiting to go on, and this new business fills that time. Wow, I just realized that means I'm working all the time!

Behind the Scents


LTK: Your scents are so fun and tempting! What inspires these blends? How do you keep coming up with new creations?AP: Oh my, absolutely anything can inspire me - walking by a bakery, watching the Food Network, taking my dogs for a walk in the park, everything that involves olfactory senses! I'm extremely passionate about the creation process of these scents. I have literally hundreds of blendable oils and an infinite amount of choices! Actually, the hardest part is paring down to make the perfect scent.

LTK: The weather will be heating up soon. What are your scent recommendations for spring and summer? (And so we can plan a year-round fragrance wardrobe, what do you recommend for the cooler months?)

AP: I just love the summer! I'm excited to announce the arrival of my spring/summer scents which will include grapefruit, orange blossoms, and a variety of sherbet blends. Also, my best selling 'Custom Ice Cream Cones' will be returning! These 'custom cones' are like a make your own sundae bar! You pick the ice creams and the toppings you'd like in your scent!

Wintertime opens up all kinds of possibilities with deep, sexy scents laced with edibles. I'm a huge fan of musk and chocolate, rich honeyed amber, and silky vanillas.

LTK: Which is your personal favorite Starring...! Fragrances scent?

AP: My first love is Child Star. It was the first scent I ever created and will always be dear to my heart. The scent of sweet cookies and graham crackers is just so nostalgic for me because often when you start work on a new show or film, the producers give you a big gift basket in your dressing room. Since I started acting as a child, instead of the customary wine baskets, I would be given big cookie platters! So to this day I associate the scent of cookies and sweetness with a 'child star.'

Naturally Beautiful


LTK: You recently introduced organic perfumes to your lineup. What lead you to create these? Have you been inspired by the tremendous interest in greener living?

AP: I've always been an activist for a variety of interest groups ever since I was a young girl and realized that I could use my celebrity to benefit people and animals. I was involved with the Make-A-Wish Foundation and have donated to numerous animal charities over the years. More recently, as I began perfume crafting, I became aware of all of the potentially dangerous and bizarre ingredients used to make body products and couldn't help wondering - why are we insisting upon putting these things directly onto and into our skin?

With a better, more natural objective in mind, I started researching how to make products of the same high quality, but with a beneficial edge. My hair and body care products are all free of parabens, harsh chemicals, sulfates, dyes, and mineral oils. I strive to source natural and certified organic ingredients whenever possible!

LTK: What makes Starring…! Fragrances stand out among the competition?

AP: We are a natural alternative to more commercial type products. Our theme is meant to be fun and cheeky, but still have the elegance that makes you feel beautiful. Our goal is to create trends, not to follow them. We hope that as people become more and more aware of the environment and how it's affecting their bodies, they will start turning toward all kinds of natural products, including perfume and body care.

The Future of Starring…! Fragrances

LTK: What does 2008 hold for your company? Any big plans?

AP: Yes! We have some huge changes coming, especially to my new website which will offer fans and newcomers to my products all sorts of never seen before scents and products. The new site will also have expanded features, like wish lists, buyer reward points and tracking, plus discounts for referring friends! Not only that, we will soon be unveiling a new, all natural and organic perfume base! We are also expanding to many more stores nationwide, so hopefully soon, no matter where you live, you'll be able to add a little extra glamour into your life!

Where to Purchase

Starring…! Fragrances products can be purchased online at:

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Ashley Peldon, Starring...! Fragrances