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Arbonne Cosmetics: The Company

Arbonne Cosmetics is an international company that started back in the 1970's. It was started in Switzerland and boasts of the most skin-friendly products you can put on your face and body. It started out with just skin care products made from botanical ingredients, but has grown to include much, much more. Consultants all over the world spread the word to promote the products. One of Arbonne Cosmetics' other points of pride is their family.

All of the products are free of animal products and byproducts and are made up of plant products instead. They're hypoallergenic (as determined by testing on human volunteers-NOT animals), dermatologist-tested, and are made without mineral oil, dyes, fragrances, or other known irritants. Arbonne is an opportunity for your skin to breathe a sigh of relief, especially if you've been subjecting it to harsh drugstore products with loads of detergents, fragrances, dyes, and other chemicals.

Fix Your Face


This is where it all started for Arbonne Cosmetics. They offer a "Not-So-Basics" line that consists of the usual types or products in daily skin care-cleanser, exfoliant, and moisturizer, as well as other lines like Beyond Basics acne treatment and Anti-Aging products. The anti-aging line includes a product called Before Sun to stop aging before it starts, plus women's and men's versions of age reversal cream. You can search for your ideal product combinations on the site by clicking on the skin type that most sounds like yours.


There's a guide on the website to choosing the right foundation for your skin, color-wise, but it's probably best to contact a consultant anyway-at least for this part of the makeup. After that, it's all about color! The cosmetics contain things like avocado oil and vitamin E, so you can reap the benefits even after you wash it off.

One of the most unique makeup products the company has to offer is the About Face Brow Wax. You can enhance your brows, define them, and keep them in place all with one product. Not all makeup lines can claim to have a product like this one!

If you're looking to give the grand gift of color to the makeup lover in your life, you can choose to buy a whole kit formulated for warm, cool, or neutral skin tones. Take that one step further and choose from natural or dramatic. The pricing of this kit is currently at $116.50. You get all the face, eye, and lip products you need to play up your whole face.


Arbonne Cosmetics has jumped on the aromatherapy bandwagon with three scents: Awaken, Reactivate, and Unwind.

Awaken offers a sea salt scrub, rejuvenating mist, bath and shower gel, and body lotion to do just what they say-wake you up in the morning.

Reactivate is for when you need a boost in the afternoon. This scent is available in the lotion and mist.

Unwind will help you relax in the evening. It's available in the lotion, the bath and shower gel, rejuvenating mist, bath salts, and even massage oil.

Body Language

As with the facial skin care line, there's a "Not-So-Basics" set that works for your whole body. It's called Arbonne Intelligence Body Care. This set consists of four products that work together to cleanse, moisturize, and take good care of your skin.

Another line is the Arbonne Baby line, formulated for sensitive skin.

How to Try Them

Shopping Online

Arbonne Cosmetics allows you to shop online, right at their website! That makes it easy to try the newest of their products-even if there's no consultant in your area. They even offer "Internet Specials" so you can save money when you shop. You can do "Quick Shop" online if you already know pretty much what you want, as in cases where you have a Holy Grail product from a line and you're getting close to running out. You just need to know the number of the item. Other online shopping options include things like Quick Form (where you enter in the product number yourself rather than checking it off a list), the quantity, the name, and the price; and AutoShip for those beloved products you never want to find yourself without.

Finding a Consultant

If you prefer to sit down and chat with a consultant to discuss your skin care needs and the best makeup colors for your face, you'll need to find someone who sells the line close to you. For that, you'll need the Consultant Finder on their page. Enter in your location and you'll have a new makeup and skin care buddy in no time.

Becoming a Consultant

If you're feeling spun-up on the cosmetics line after a little bit of shopping around online or with a consultant, you may be interested in becoming a consultant yourself. Visit Arbonne's careers page for more information.

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