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Women world-wide search and search for the perfect lipstick color. This search led me to conduct my own personal Almay lipstick review.

Almay Lipstick Review Made Easy

Almay's been around since 1931, and they offer an impressive product line of cosmetics for the face, as well as a complete line of skincare. But, we're talking about lipstick here, so let's get down to business.

Almay Ideal Lipcolor

Lured by the "sure-to-flatter-you-color", I purchased Almay Ideal Lipcolor in pink. Here are my findings:

Almay Ideal Lipcolor
Pros And Cons Description
  • My lips were drenched in moisture, and for someone who has a mini-crisis whenever she can't find her chap-stick, this was a big pro. I definitely felt like this was a lipcolor I could wear during those close call situations, like reapplying lipstick in a moving car without the benefit of a mirror.
  • There's plenty of shine to be had. Occasionally, soft shiny lips are called for, and this lipstick suits that bill perfectly.
  • Coverage control. Those that like to control the amount of depth and pigment in their lip color should try this product. When you first apply this lipstick, the color is incredibly transparent. With subsequent applications, however, the coverage does intensify. With the right lip pencil, I could see this lipstick working rather well.
  • Did I mention the transparency? If you're like me and like your mouth to have a bit of oomph, then this may not be the ideal lipstick for you. But, alas, that's what the Almay lipstick review is for. Further, is you are an incredibly busy person, where time is a true luxury, you many not want to tinker around with lip pencils and the like. It's much easier to just buy a lipstick that delivers the amount of depth you are after.
  • The peppermint aroma does nothing to enhance the experience. Unless, of course, you love the smell of peppermint, and unlike some of Cover Girl's products, it doesn't feel cool to the skin.
  • Finally, a quick word on that promise of "sure-to-flatter-you-color"; this particular shade of pink, and I usually wear a pinky/brown lipstick, didn't flatter me at all. In fact, it was eerily reminiscent of an almost fluorescent- bubble gum shade I used to wear in junior high school. Scary indeed.

Hope Restored

No need for despair, however, all is not lost. Indeed, I'm sure, if in need of shine, I'll be able to layer this lipstick over one of my other go-to lipsticks. And even though this shade didn't work for me, it doesn't mean it won't work for you. Particularly if:

  • You're an avid exerciser that likes a little glow on the lips as you run.

I could easily see this lipstick being worn with the same cavalier attitude we use to swipe lip balm across our lips.

  • You prefer a minimalist approach to makeup.

If you dread the thought of "putting on your face" and prefer a more natural makeup look, then this lipstick could work quite well.

  • Perfect for teens and those just starting to experiment with color.

The color is most certainly light enough for teens, especially preteens, as it certainly won't raise eyebrows.

Or, if you're just starting to experiment with makeup, this lipstick can be a good way to ease you into color.

More Good News

There's no doubt that Almay is a fantastic cosmetics company, and their website is geared towards helping you find your perfect look. Two features, in particular, caught my eyes.

First, they have a makeup tips section. This beauty section allows you to plug in your skin type, eye color, and favorite shades. From there, you are steered towards products specifically oriented towards the information you provided. If my Almay lipstick review had begun here, instead of my usual hit or miss at the makeup counter, I may have had more flattering results.

Second, the "Get The Look" feature is very helpful for deciding on which makeup look you'd like to achieve. Among the categories they cover are:

  • Perfectly Polished
  • Dress Up Your Evening
  • Sunkissed
  • Causal Appeal

After all my research for the Almay lipstick review, I've decided to give this product another shot. Perhaps next time I'll go with a berry shade…

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Almay Lipstick Review