Almay Intense I Color Review

Almay Intense I-Color Shadow Trio: Play Up the Blue

Almay Intense I-Color makes it simple to choose shades that are most flattering for your eye color.

About Almay Intense I-Color

For many women, trying to decide which eye makeup shades will complement their natural eye color can be a challenge. They may find shades they like through trial and error, after buying multiple shadows and liners that just don't seem quite right for their eye color, or don't give them the eye-enhancing effect they are looking for. Applying three eye shadow colors and a coordinating liner can also be challenging, as many might now know which shades to apply where and which liner to match the colors with.

Almay's eye color collection, Intense I-Color, attempts to solve these issues by providing eye shadow trios, coordinating liners, and mascaras that either bring out or play up your specific eye color.

The collection includes eye makeup for blue, green, hazel, and brown eyes. The 'bring out' portion of the collection uses complementary shades and is designed to enhance your eye color, while the 'play up' products offer a dramatic look that uses contrasting shades and is designed to intensify your eye color.

Like all Almay products, the Intense I-Color collection products are hypoallergenic and clinically, dermatologist and allergy tested.

Almay Intense I-Color Shadow and Liner Review

I purchased the Almay Intense I-Color eye shadow trio and liquid liner from the 'play up' collection for blue eyes. My eyes are actually a grey-blue, and the idea of obtaining a gorgeous, true-blue eye color was too irresistible to pass up.

Application and Color

The eye shadow trio contains a highlight shade of pale, shimmery taupe; a coppery shade for the base; and a rich brown shade for the contour or crease color. The liquid liner for this collection is brown topaz, a rich brown with a hint of copper.

I had actually used similar shades to those in the trio, but not specifically together, so it was interesting to see how they worked together. The copper and brown looked fairly dark in the package, and since I typically opt for a natural look, I wasn't sure how they would look once applied.

I was pleasantly surprised that applied over eyes primed with foundation that the color wasn't as dark as I expected and could easily be blended for a natural look. For those who aren't sure how to apply the eye shadow colors, the package includes an easy guide that shows where to place all three shades. (Once you are comfortable, though, you can experiment with using the darker shade to contour your eye and the colors to line and create definition in new ways.)

Despite the ease of blending, the shadows are both silky to apply and long-lasting. They also did not settle into the eye creases. The eyeliner is a nice, rich color, and works well with the shadow colors. The liner applicator is more like little felt time marker than a brush, which makes it less messy to apply and easier to get a clean line.

Playing Up the Eyes with Intense I-Color

I was pleased with the quality, colors, and ease of application of the Almay Intense I-Color shadow and liner, but the true test of this product was going to whether it really brought out the blue. For my particular eye color, the products made them appear a more intense grey-blue, but did not bring out only the blue. The colors also seemed to bring a little but of green in my eyes. Creating a more intense eye color is flattering and makes eyes stand out, so I wasn't displeased with the overall effect. Since the makeup did not necessarily bring out only the blue color in my eyes, I think the effect is that is intensifies the specific shade of blue that you already have. Pros:

  • The collection takes the guesswork out of choosing colors and properly applying.
  • Products are easy to apply, blend, and work with.
  • The look and feel of the products is attractive.
  • The colors do flatter and make eye color appear more intense.
  • Shadow and liner resists creasing and smudging.


  • The colors don't isolate a single hue in the eye color as some might expect.
  • Shadow color did fade somewhat throughout the day. (Since the product in this review was applied only over foundation, a good eye primer would easily solve this issue).
  • Eye shadow appeared fairly natural looking; those who want a really dramatic look will have to apply additional layers and experiment for desired effect.

Overall, I was pleased with the eye shadow trio and liquid liner in the Almay Intense I-Color 'play up' collection for blue eyes and would give the products four stars. They may not play up your eye color in the exact manner you expect, but they will enhance to intensify your natural eye color.

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Almay Intense I Color Review