Alice in Wonderland Makeup

Mad Hatter and Alice in Wonderland

Enchanting and elegant, Alice in Wonderland makeup is a great choice for Halloween. It's also a little different from the usual spooky looks, bringing an element of fantasy to a day that is otherwise best associated with ghouls and goblins!

Putting the Look Together

Keep in mind that Alice is really a young girl, and that her overall image is one of sweetness and innocence. She embarks on a major adventure, with her characteristic naiveté and bewilderment in tow. Consider these things when creating an authentic Alice costume; she's not a wild maven or teenager, so her colors are quite tame and understated in general. Here's what you'll need to make the most of your Alice in Wonderland makeup look:

Alice in Wonderland
  • Eye shadow primer
  • Neutral eye shadow (like a bone or wheat color)
  • Deep eye shadow (like a warm brown or mocha color)
  • Dark eyeliner (like black, brown or navy, optional)
  • Pink blush (like a cotton candy or baby pink color)
  • Pink lip gloss (like a sheer baby pink or light peach)
  • Foundation


Begin by applying foundation all over your face. Though some recommend applying a heavy coat on Halloween, I would steer clear in this case; Alice's skin was not porcelain-like so much as rosy.


Alice in Wonderland

Next, apply eye shadow primer all over your eyelids. Cover the entire eyelid with your neutral eye shadow, and fill in the crease with your deeper shade for a bit of depth and definition. If your eyes are naturally on the small side, use a bit of eyeliner to bring them out. Simply line the top lash line and work your way around the outer corner, finally extending to the bottom. Smudge it ever so slightly, and apply two light coats of mascara in your chosen shade.


This look is all about the cheeks, so keep that in mind and use a light hand when doing your eye makeup. Dust a powder brush with your pink blush of choice (NARS Angelika is a great choice) and apply it deftly to the apples of the cheeks, blending carefully. To really play up your cheeks, layer the powder blush over a stain, like Tarte Cosmetics Cheek Stain in Doll Face.


Finally, focus on your lips. Since your cheeks are dramatic and your eyes are next in line (although quite minimal in comparison to your cheeks), your lips should be light and understated. Try a sheer gloss, like Stila Lip Glaze in Papaya or Cargo Classic Lip Gloss in Whistler.

Steal the Alice in Wonderland Makeup Look

If you'd love to channel Alice for Halloween, you're not alone: It's proven to be quite a popular costume over the years. Of course, makeup plays such an important part in ensuring that the costume looks authentic. While it's easy enough to find an appropriate dress and accessories (who doesn't love shopping for cute blue dresses and shiny black Mary Jane shoes?), it can be tricky choosing the right makeup colors.

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Alice in Wonderland Makeup