Airbrush Foundation Makeup

Airbrush foundation gives a flawless finish

Airbrush foundation makeup is sprayed on in a light mist rather than with the fingers or a sponge, offering lightweight, even coverage. Many professional makeup artists favor airbrushed foundation over applications that are more traditional. There are also products available so that people may airbrush makeup on themselves at home.

Airbrush Foundation Brands

There are a number of brands of airbrush foundation available. Since this type of makeup is growing for home use, more companies may offer it in the future.


The original airbrush foundation was invented nearly 30 years ago by professional makeup artist and cosmetologist Dina Ousley. Ousley is a co-owner of Dinair, a leading airbrush makeup company that creates airbrush makeup for daily wear, glamour, and for use on television and movie actors. Dinair has also been training professional makeup artists in the art of airbrush makeup since the 1980s. Once only accessible to professionals, Dinair is also available for direct purchase by consumers. For more information, go to the Dinair website.

Luminess Air

Luminess Air is another respected name in airbrush makeup. Their makeup formulas are top quality and never tested on animals. The makeup brands is used in the entertainement industry as well as in the world of fashion and print. Luminess Air prides itself on using innovative techniques and formulas to create makeup that offers flawless coverage. Like Dinair, this brand was once only offered to makeup professionals, but today can be purchsed and used by anyone. Visit their online store for more information on specific products.


A relative newcomer to the airbrush world, OCC (Obsessive Complusive Cosmetics) was established in 2004 by makeup artist David Klasfeld, dedicated to offering unique makeup formulas that meet modern makeup challenges. Rather than focusing on special effects makeup, the company wanted to offer airbrush makeup that looked real yet flawless. The company offers a complete line of airbrush equipment, makeup, and mini sets.

Kett Cosmetics

Kett Cosmetics offers their special Hydro Foundation, a professional-grade product that can be applied like traditional foundation or used with airbrush machine. The company also offers airbrush equipment and sets. Their website also offers a range of airbrush videos, from color matching to makeup techniques to airbrush equipment maintenance.

How to Apply Foundation with an Airbrush

  1. Select two or three colors that blend with your skin tone and put several of each into the airbrush, for a total of seven or eight drops of liquid foundation.
  2. Turn on the compressor and spray at "twelve o'clock."
  3. Block the airflow and pull back the lever on the airbrush to mix the colors. Spray into a tissue so that you can see the color, and also to make sure the airbrush is functioning properly.
  4. Start at the forehead and work toward the chin, applying one very light layer of coverage with the airbrush about six inches away from the face. Keep the brush moving, doing one side of the face at a time from the forehead down.
  5. To check your application, look for a change in the skin. You should not to be able to see the makeup, just flawless skin. If you want more coverage, do another light layer.
  6. You can spot-cover blemishes after you apply one layer of foundation to the entire face. (See the procedure below.)
  7. Use up any remaining makeup on your ears, neck, chest, hands, and anywhere you want to cover imperfections.
  8. Wipe any oil from the eyelids, and airbrush the foundation onto the eyelids and under the eyes. Stay about six inches away from the eyelids, and two inches from under the eyes.
  9. To conceal fine lines under the eyes, gently spread them open with the fingers of your other hand and airbrush the foundation directly into the lines. A very light touch will achieve the most natural look.

Covering Blemishes

  • To cover flaws and blemishes, hold the airbrush an inch or two away from the skin.
  • Be careful to pull the lever very slightly to prevent too much makeup from spraying out at one time.
  • Be slow and patient; it's better to apply very little at a time than to apply too much.
  • Practice covering an imperfection on your hand first to learn the technique, and then move on to your face.
  • After the blemish disappears, come back out six inches with the airbrush and apply a thin coat over the entire area to blend.

Tips for Airbrushing

Airbrush foundation makeup should be applied gradually with a very light mist. When applying, pause often to check the coverage before adding more; less makeup produces a more flawless and natural-looking finish. For more coverage, airbrush another thin layer of foundation onto the face, as opposed to applying one thick application. Even when applying several layers, you can finish a full application in two or three minutes. You can custom create in-between shades by mixing a few drops of two or more colors. You can apply opalescent airbrush colors to the face, neck, shoulders, and chest to create a shimmery glow for a dramatic evening look.

Advantages of Airbrush Foundation Makeup

There are several advantages to applying foundation with an airbrush, including:

  • You can achieve a flawless, even finish.
  • Conceal skin imperfections, tan lines, and even tattoos quickly and easily with airbrush makeup.
  • Airbrushed foundation lasts up to 18 hours without running, smudging, or caking.
  • Because it is applied without brushes, sponges, or the fingers, airbrushed foundation is sanitary and there is little or no waste.
  • Anyone can learn to apply foundation using an airbrush.
  • Airbrush foundation dries on contact with the skin, creating a beautiful matte finish.
  • You can clean your skin, as well as the airbrush, with a little soap and water. Airbrush foundation is usually 100% water-based.

Excellent Option

Airbrush makeup can be an excellent choice for many women. Although the expense may be more than many other types of makeup, the advantages of having the look of near-perfect skin often win out.

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