African American Wedding Makeup

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Create a glamorous look on your wedding day with African American wedding makeup. Your makeup should look natural, but you also want your face to look flawless on your wedding day. Remember that you will be photographed, and you want to be proud of your look. Also, high quality makeup will stay on your face and not end up on your beautiful gown or on your new husband's face.

Foundation for African American Wedding Makeup

Skin Prep

Be sure to take the steps to prep your face correctly for the most flawless makeup application!

  • Make sure that your face is clean and moisturized before applying foundation.
  • Don't forget to apply an oil controller for oily skin.
  • Apply sunblock.


Use a concealer to hide overpigmentation or other imperfections on your face. It may be easier to use a small concealer brush rather than age or your finger to apply concealer under your eyes.

Test Out Your Foundation

If you are not happy with your current foundation, test different foundations before your wedding day. Don't just test it in the store - wear the foundation for at least a week, so you can see how it holds up in different temperatures and situations. Look for a long lasting foundation; cream to powder foundations have the tendency to rub off.

A few brands that have a wide variety of pigments or shades made for black women include,Black Opal cosmetics, Iman, MAC and Loreal. Finally, make sure use a powder to set your foundation. Many women also opt for a makeup finishing or setting spray for their wedding day makeup as well, which keeps makeup from smudging or running.

Wedding Eyes for African American Brides

Eye shadow for brides is usually light, bright and airy. Avoid the deep, dark, black smoky look on your wedding day.

5 Simple Steps to Fabulous Eyes

Choose a quad of colors that complement each other. A dark brown, tan and lighter off-white color can make a great neutral look, but don't be afraid to use other colors.

  1. Line your eyes with a brown or black eye pencil.
  2. If you are using the neutral brown combination, apply the tan to the lid.
  3. Use the dark brown in the crease.
  4. Place the lightest color under your brow as a highlighter.
  5. Make sure that the colors are blended together.

Tip: Black Radiance makeup, MAC and Loreal's HIP has great eye shadow combinations for African American ladies.


Don't forget your mascara! The most important thing to remember about mascara is that you do not want it to rub off, because it is likely that you will cry on your wedding day. Choose a waterproof mascara that does not clump your lashes together. Apply your mascara in layers, being sure to comb your lashes with the lash brush. If you feel confident enough about wearing false lashes, go for it, but practice wearing them beforehand so you are comfortable with the look and feel of the lashes.

Wedding Lips

Go for a simple neutral lip color or gloss on your wedding day. Sheer pinks, or using brown gloss with gold flecks, will look great on most African American skintones. Brides typically wear soft colors on the lips, usually avoiding bright red.(Bright red lipstick will definitely appear on your husband's face!) Gloss looks good, but it is transferable.

If you decide to go for a lip color, rather than a sheer gloss, choose a long-lasting color, or a lip stain, and test it before your wedding day. Lipsticks that stay on all day are sometimes drying; they flake off the lips, or are just uncomfortable to wear.

Testing Your Makeup

Apply your full wedding look a few days before your wedding so you can see if you like the complete look. It's a good idea to do this because you get a chance to practice applying all the makeup at the same time, and you get to see if you like the combination of colors.

Rub your face while wearing your foundation to see if it transfers. Kiss your skin or someone else to test your lipstick, and you can also wet your eyes a bit to see if the mascara really is waterproof. The best approach to having a disaster free wedding day is to be prepared and start making decisions for purchasing African American wedding makeup early.

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African American Wedding Makeup