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3-D Nails


Nails are more than just accessories; done correctly, they can be miniature pieces of art. Nail designs don't have to be flat; resin, crystals and other materials all combine to make three-dimensional nails that attract anyone's eye.

These 3-D nails take their inspiration from a rose garden. This professional design is impractical for everyday wear, but it's perfect for a party, holiday, or special occasion.

Studio Nails


Don't try this look at home; a studio design requires a professional nail artist. It begins with expertly airbrushed and glittered French nails. Then, accents are added for a 3-D effect. These stunning nails are the perfect complement to an understated outfit.

Vintage Lace


Although French nails usually feature white tips, silver or gray tips can also be used for an elegant look. Black nail art in a lacy pattern with rhinestone accents gives this design an antique feel.

Subtle Flowers


Having 3D nail art doesn't mean you need to have super long nails to get the effect. This natural length nails have 3D flowers blooming subtly off of each one. The natural length combined with the subtly raised flowers means these nails are more likely to wear longer.

Enhanced Jewels


If you're using jewel-like colors on your nails, consider enhancing them by separating the colors with some tiny jewels laid in rows and geometric patterns. Different colors of jewels help to differentiate the different colored polishes on these long and funky nails.

Multiple Layers


These fun nails make good use of multiple layers. First, they feature a French manicure in navy, topped with glitter. Then, they have a freehanded white vine made with a nail pen. Finally, 3-D flowers and rhinestone accents complete the look.

Character Nails


3D effects help bring this manicure to life. Raised butterflies, flowers and feet for the cartoon character birds make the scenes painted on these super-long nails come into focus as if they are about to step off of the canvas of your fingers.

Masquerade Nails


These nails are perfect for a masquerade ball, Mardi Gras or any other occasion that calls for dramatic nails. Start with marbled nail polish and then add rhinestones or crystals in coordinating colors.

Wedding Nails


When it comes to special occasions, it's hard to beat your wedding day. Don't settle for anything less than fabulous nails on the biggest day of your life. This look starts with a Chevron French manicure in traditional colors. Then, the nail artist added subtle, understated embellishments that are beautiful on their own, but do not take away from the dress.

White Flowers


You'll have to look twice to realize that these tiny white flowers are rising up off of the nail in this subtle French manicure that puts some pink petals on the white of the nail, then trails white petals over the pink.

Cast a Net


Jewels and acrylic designs aren't the only details you can use to accent your nails. These tiny, gold fish nets add the perfect touch to the tips of this bold red manicure.

Tiny Crystals


The tiny crystals on this bold red and white manicure add just a touch of fire and glamour to the look. Changing the position of the crystals from nail to nail helps ensure they'll catch the light.

From nature to unique color to retro inspiration, there are no limits when it comes to creating exciting nails. Look around you for inspiration, and add some 3D flair to any of your nail art creations.

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3D Nail Art Designs Gallery