1920s Makeup Pictures

Inspiring 1920s Makeup Pictures


Bold, dramatic, and sassy, 1920s makeup pictures illustrate the types of cosmetic styles that were popular in flapper era.

The use of cosmetics during the 1920s was a milestone; as makeup became more widespread and accepted, more and more women were unabashedly enhancing their looks with cakes of mascara, kohl, rouge, and red lipstick.

Dark eyes were a trademark of the decade; women lined the eyes with black kohl completely around the eye.

Rosy Rouge


Popular rouge (blush) colors in the 1920s were rose, pink, and orange hues.

The rouge was applied to the apples of the cheeks, but not blended as it is today.

Powder Perfect


Women striving for flawless-looking skin on the 1920s used face powder.

Early in the decade, pale shades like cream and ivory were popular.

Later. however, with Coco Chanel's advocation of the outdoors, powder that matched more closely to women's own skin tones became more desirable.

Thin, Sloped Eyebrows


Another trademark look of the 1920s was the extremely thin, sloped eyebrow.

Eyebrows were plucked and then the extreme arch was drawn in this style with a grease pencil.

Eye Shadow and False Lashes


Dramatic eyes popular during the 1920s, and while a dark grey or charcoal was the most common eye shadow color, blue, green, and turquoise were also popular shades.

Women wore false lashes or emphasized natural lashes with cake mascara.

Cupid's Bow Lips


The application of lipstick in the 1920s was done in a "cupid's bow" fashion, where by the lower lip was slightly emphasized and the lipstick rounded over the tops of the natural lips.

Bold Lip Color


The 1920s lip color was all about the glamorous, bold lip.

Red was the go-to color, but as the decade progressed, deep brown-reds, oranges, roses, and raspberry colors were also popular.

Glamorous 20s Makeup


The 1920s makeup styles were filled with drama, glamor, and sex appeal.

Today, women can easily create some of these old school makeup looks with a dark smoky eye, defined brows, or bold lip color.

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1920s Makeup Pictures