What Color Eye Shadow Should I Wear?

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It's not uncommon to wonder, what color I shadow should I wear? Many love the way that eye shadow highlights and play up the eyes, but remain a bit confused when it comes to choosing the most appropriate color. Read on to find the best color eye shadow for your eyes!

So, What Color Eye Shadow Should I Wear?

So, if you find yourself asking what color eye shadow should I wear, know that there are a few steps you can take to help narrow down your choices. Namely, look to the color of your eyes to help determine the best shades.

Blue Eyes Captivate

The best way to discern the most appropriate eye shadow color is to take a look at the color wheel. In short, colors that lie opposite each other on the color wheel tend to make each other "pop" or stand out.

For blue eyes, this would be the color orange. While orange may be an extreme color to wear on a regular basis, colors that have a slight orange undertone will work very nicely. Try as a base:

  • Peach
  • Pink Pearl
  • Baby Pink
  • Sea Shell

When you want to make your eye look more intense, opt for:

  • Birch
  • Charcoal
  • Black
  • Grey

While a soft black can be worn rather well by blue eyes, you'll need to experiment quite a bit to find the right shade of black that you can wear, without looking drawn or tied.

Brown Eyes Sparkle

Brown eyes look best when paired with shades like purple, eggplant, black plum and forest green. Various shades of deep blue can also look rather beautiful on brown eyes.

If you plan on pairing brown eye shadow with your brown eyes, try to go either much lighter than the color of your eyes, for example, choose a shade like warm sugar or choose a brown that is more intense than your own eye color. This way, the brown shadow you choose will provide your eyes with a certain amount of depth.

Make Green Eyes Stand Out

The person who has green eyes is quite lucky indeed, as the eye often garner a lot of attention. Make sure that your eyes look fantastic by choosing shades that have a pink undertone. That's because green is opposite red on the color wheel, so any color that has a slight pinkish or reddish undertone will really make your eyes stand out.

A color like baby pink should work nicely. Additionally, don't forget about certain purple shades, like lilac. This shade will also help your eyes pop.

Hazel Eyes Shine

Those with hazel eyes are especially lucky because depending on the look you are going for; you can utilize the color scheme for both green and brown eyes. This means that from deep eggplant shades to soft, shell pink, there are a myriad of different colors you can use to pay up your eyes. Experiment with the shades that are recommended for green and brown eyes until you find the color combination that works best.

Tools of the Trade: Metallic and Shimmer

Metallic and shimmer eye shadows are great products to utilize when making up your eyes because they can help you wear shades that you wouldn't ordinarily reach for. For example, very few of us would reach for orange eye shadow, but when it comes in a shimmer form; it is much easier to wear.

If you are planning to go for a colorful, shimmery look, purchase the base eye shadow in a shimmer formula, like that of Rose Gold. Once you've applied that all over your eye, go ahead and apply the metallic, more intense shade of eye shadow, to the crease of the eye. Utilizing this technique may help you to wear eye-catching color with greater ease.

Putting It All Together

Many women ask what color eye shadow should I wear? The answer can be very simple if you allow the color wheel to guide your choices. Dong so means wearing colors that are naturally complementary and that can translate into fantastically attractive results!

What Color Eye Shadow Should I Wear?