Natural Looking Foundation

Learn about sheer makeup today!

For the most natural face, consider a sheer cover makeup style for easy application and a casual relaxed look. It is simple to fake a fabulous complexion - with the right products and treatment.

Application Techniques

The most important step in creating the sheer cover makeup appearance is selecting the perfect foundation for your skin type. Makeup that matches your skin looks the most natural and translucent, as it evens out your skin tone without adding color. Consider the following when selecting your foundation:

  • Skin Type - oily, dry, sensitive, young and aged.
  • Undertones - most are yellow, but a select few have different tones.
  • Skin Color - this varies the most widely, so take the time to research the best match.
  • Coverage Desired - how clear is your face already?

Armed with this information, visit a local cosmetics counter for selection. Try at least three shades blended separately along your jaw line. Once the makeup has set, take a mirror into natural light for the true test. Compare the colors to your neck and when in doubt, always choose the lighter color. For an even more secure option, ask for a sample of this color and try at home first before you commit to buying.

Once you have discovered the perfect foundation for your skin, for sheer cover makeup start in layers. Apply an overall thin layer to the entire face ideally with a sponge for the thinnest application. Then step back to evaluate - add another layer if necessary or dot extra on those colorful imperfections. For the most lucid layers try the following:

  • Mix your foundation with a lotion.
  • Add a little water to the sponge before applying the foundation.
  • Use foundation to cover blemishes instead of concealer.
  • Apply from the center of the face out - with the last blend smoothing downwards to flatten the small hairs on your face.
  • Dot your face with blotting tissues instead of adding layers of powder and foundation throughout the day.

Types of Sheer Cover Makeup

Select the foundation type that is the least concentrated for your needs. Keep in mind that younger skin needs less overall foundation, while as you age you will need to apply more layers for the same even complexion.

Tinted Moisturizer

For the best sheer cover makeup utilize a tinted moisturizer or make your own by adding some foundation to your favorite lotion.

  • Best for younger skin with relatively few imperfections.
  • Evens out your skin tone and allows the natural skin to show through.
  • Minimal blending required.
  • Perfect for dryer skin types.
  • Find one with added sunscreen for additional protection.
  • For oily skin - look for an oil-free formula.

Sheer Liquid Foundation

A step up in coverage from a simple tinted moisturizer, the sheer liquid foundation offers a little additional treatment.

  • Will not actually conceal blemishes - simply evens out a more varied skin tone.
  • Great for a clear complexion that does not require the additional lotion found in the tinted moisturizer.
  • Dries quickly when applying - so spread promptly and blend as you go.
  • Not as long lasting as the stronger foundations.

Oil-Free Foundation

Specially designed for oily and blemish prone skin types. Has a tendency to become mask-like so blend well and apply lightly.

Cream Foundations

Very heavy face makeup that is best for special events or spot coverage over blemishes. Perfect for troubled skin with many blemishes or scars.

Cream to Powder Compact

All purpose foundation perfect for traveling or convenient on-the-go application.

  • Apply lightly or just use on trouble spots.
  • Medium overall coverage.
  • Additional powder is unnecessary.
  • Best for a normal skin type without too much oil or dryness.

Iridescent Foundation

Also known as a luminescent, the iridescent foundation adds a shimmer sparkle to your skin - particularly useful for older skins as it adds a fresh youthful glow.

  • Ideal for special occasion or evening looks.
  • Creates a dewy effect on the skin surface.
  • Best for already clear complexions, as it tends to make imperfections more obvious.


Natural Looking Foundation