Makeup Tips for a Round Face

A beautifully round face.

For women with a round face shape, using makeup tips for a round face can help elongate and minimize the roundness.

Round Faces: Pros and Cons

While the oval face shape is considered one of the most versatile (just about any hairstyle looks good on this face shape), round faces have their own advantages, as well as some drawbacks. Many women with round, cherubic faces are thought to be much younger than they really are. While this might not be as desired by very young women, women over the age of 30 tend to enjoy this benefit.

However, the full cheeks that give off a youthful appearance also take away from angular lines and high cheekbones that are considered so beautiful. Not every woman with a round face is looking to minimize the roundness, but for women who want sculpted cheekbones and a more elongated appearance, using makeup tips for a round face can create the illusion of an oval shaped face.

Basic Makeup Tips for a Round Face

Following a few of these tips can help round-faced women achieve a sophisticated look for day or night. You may need to practice some of these techniques before going out, so give yourself plenty of time to try out these looks before wearing out in public.

  • Focus light colors on the center of your face: The lighter areas on your face are more prominent, so you'll want to bring out your nose, chin and center forehead. You'll need two different colors of foundation to create the elongated illusion. One shade should be your exact match and the other should be just one shade darker. Dot the lighter foundation on the center of your forehead, down the center of your nose and on your chin. Blend well.
  • Dark colors recede: To create those high cheekbones, place darker colors on areas you want to recede into the background, such as your jawline. Using the foundation that's one shade darker, dot it on your temples, beneath the fullest part of your cheeks and along the jawline. This way, these areas of your face are less prominent, making it appear longer. Make sure you blend your foundation, including blurring the lines between the two different colors of base.
  • Apply face powder all over: After you apply foundation, use a fluffy makeup brush to apply face powder all over your face. Mineral powders have an iridescent quality that will place extra emphasis on the lighter parts of your face, bringing them out even more.
  • Focus on one part: Now you can choose which part of your face you want the focus to be on. If you wear a light-colored lipstick and apply a coat or two of clear gloss on top, you continue to place emphasis down the center of your face. However, don't feel you have to forgo red lipstick if that's your favorite. Anytime you focus on your lips is great for the elongating illusion.
  • Use the right blush: Because blush should be placed on the apples of your cheeks, make sure you choose a light-colored blush. This brings your cheeks to the forefront and makes the area under your cheeks recede more, which is what you want if you're trying to create a high-cheekboned appearance.

Should You Contour?

Many women with round faces have probably heard of contouring. This can be a very tricky technique and is best left to the theater stage. If you use too-dramatic shades to sculpt cheekbones, your makeup can wind up being very obvious and odd-looking, especially in the daytime. Instead, use the gentle contouring tips above for a subtle and natural look.

Just because you have a round face doesn't mean you have to spend all of your time and energies creating a different face shape if you don't want to. Instead, you can wear your makeup in whatever way you like and enjoy fooling people into thinking you're years younger than you really are!

Makeup Tips for a Round Face