Jane Lipstick Butterscotch

Softly colored lips look great!

Jane Lipstick Butterscotch is a popular shade in this cosmetics line of the same name. Read on to find out more!

About Jane Cosmetics

Jane is an acronym that stands for "juniper, aloe, nettle, and elderflower"; all botanical ingredients that are in most of Jane's Cosmetics. These natural ingredients are just one of the reasons why this line has grown so popular in recent years.

Unfortunately, one particular aspect of this cosmetic company has raised the ire of several of their customers; the inability to find some of their favorite products. The company acknowledges this and explains that while they feel their customer's pain, it is routine for them to manufacture products that are "hot" or trendy for the moment. On a larger scale, what this means is that the available makeup lines change season by season. This could be one of the reasons why Jane Lipstick Butterscotch is so difficult to find!

Jane and Animal Testing

Not only do consumers demand makeup that provides exceptional coverage and long lasting color, but they also increasingly want to make sure these products are not tested on animals. While the company does not claim to be vegan, the do assert that none of their products are tested on animals.

Further still, all their products are test on human subjects and any new ingredient is strictly evaluated to ensure that they meet the no-animal-testing policy. On a lighter note, it's also worth noting that all of Jane's products are oil free and dermatologist-tested, so it shouldn't clog pore.

Jane Lipstick Butterscotch and Similar Products

Finding Jane Lipstick Butterscotch is no easy feat, and in fact, in may be downright impossible. Apparently, this was one of the "trendy"" shades Jane produced, and now, it seems to be long gone. One does have some alternatives, however, including:

Butterscotch Burst

Megabites Flavorful collection is all about lots of shine and flavored lipsticks, and it's also where you find Butterscotch Burst, a slightly lavender shade. If, on the other hand, you're searching for a more salmon-like color, however, then you might be better off reaching for either Pineapple Delight or Punch Bowl; both shades are much lighter in tone.

Jane also recommends that you buy more than one lipstick so that you mix them together. This will not only allow the wearer to come up with their own signature shades, but it also provides for a delicious mix of favors; your month may just thank you!

Beauty Without Cruelty

This manufacturer offers a moisturizing lipstick in Butterscotch, and when you look at the color, you'll see that it's very close to what one might imagine butterscotch to look like. This is another "cruelty" free product, so no animals were tested upon to make it.


While you may not immediately think of eBay when you think makeup, you really should! This is particularly true when it comes to finding makeup that's been discontinues. The one caveat to buying makeup here is that should check to see if the makeup is sealed and/or that it comes in its original packaging.

Unfortunately, Jane's Butterscotch is not available on eBay, but Hardly Honey, is. This is a sheer lipstick perfect for those that prefer a gentle wash of color, but if you want something with more pigment, you may have to layer it on top of another lipstick.

Purchasing Information

Unfortunately, at this time, it is not possible to purchase Jane Cosmetics through their website. The company says that for them, this would be pointless since shipping would actually cost more than the actual price of their products! Nonetheless, their website does have a "store-locator" option so that customers can find Jane products in their local area. For more information, click the Q & A section of the Jane's website.

Putting It All Together

Nothing feels worse than not being able to find a favorite shade of lipstick. The best thing one can do under those circumstances is to try to find a shade that's comparable. In this case, your best bet may be Hardly Honey. While it's not ideal, who knows? You may end up loving it!

Jane Lipstick Butterscotch