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Free Clinique Makeup Samples

Jodie Michalak

Get a flawless look with free Clinique makeup samples!

Testing out a cosmetic or skincare line is one of the best ways to determine whether or not the product is worth the splurge. Although most department store cosmetic lines have a very generous return or exchange policy for dissatisfied customers, free beauty samples are a popular freebee that keeps loyal customers coming back for seasonal promotions.

About Clinique

Clinique is one of the largest makeup and skincare lines in the world. Owned and launched by Estee Lauder in 1968, Clinique was marketed as an allergy-tested, 100% fragrance free skincare and cosmetic line, with over 52% of their revenue streaming from their green packaged skincare and their cult favorite, the yellow Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion.

Although Clinique is praised for their skincare, the Clinique makeup line is a wonderful choice for those seeking a fabulous array of color in a sheer and subtle consistency. With an abundance of finishes and moisturizing ingredients, this affordable mid-line cosmetic company is worth a try if you seek quality and value from your cosmetics.

Where to Get Free Clinique Makeup Samples

Clinique has one of the most generous bonus and sample promotions in the industry. Known at department stores worldwide as "Bonus Time," this promotional period is launched at separate times at varying department stores as a way to hook new customers and secure repeat business.

These mass giveaways include gift with purchases filled with free Clinique makeup samples. Although some of the samples are a selection of the line's best-selling favorites, it's not uncommon for Clinique to throw in new color or formulas in trial sizes.

Although the selection varies seasonally, most free sample packages include a mini mascara, a full size lipstick, a trial size blush and a trial size eyeshadow, along with a free skincare sample. The full size lipstick is by far the most appealing promotional item in the freebie, so long as you like the shade and the formula!

To receive free gift with purchases, customers need to purchase a set amount of product from the Clinique line as advertised. Thankfully, this dollar amount is usually lower than competitive gift with purchase (GWP) or purchase with purchase (PWP) promotions available at rival cosmetic lines. To find out when your favorite department store is launching the Clinique promotions, simply ask a sales associate or stay tuned to local fliers in your Sunday newspaper.

Although it makes sense to simply wait out sample time at the Clinique counter, Clinique samples are a popular resale item at flea markets, garage sales, and online auction sites such as eBay.

Before you splurge on a sample item, stop by the Clinique counter and ask a sales associate if they have any leftover samples from their bonus promotions. It's virtually impossible to know how long or where free samples have been stored when purchasing these cosmetics from resellers. Rather than chance it, head to the counters!

Test the Products

If you've had your heart set on testing out a new color or skincare product with no avail, you may just need to bite the bullet and purchase! A free makeup consultation at any Clinique counter is a great way to determine which colors work for your skin tone while experimenting with finishes and consistency.

Once you've been introduced to a sales associate, they'll keep your information on file and create a customized profile of your makeup and skincare needs. Not only will you have an ongoing account of your recent and favorite purchases, you'll also be contacted personally and invited to bonus and promotional events, where you'll be first in line for free Clinique makeup samples!

Free Clinique Makeup Samples