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Article Highlight: Beauty Box Subscriptions

Beauty box subscriptions work similarly to a magazine subscription plan except that instead of getting a magazine each month, you'll receive a box of product samples. Most plans are monthly, bi-monthly or yearly,… Keep reading »

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Will Prescriptives give you flawless skin?
Will Prescriptives give you flawless skin?

Welcome to LoveToKnow Makeup's Beauty Product Reviews. There is no doubt the cosmetic world has exploded. All it takes is a quick run through our Cosmetic Brands category, a slow walk through a fine department store, or a swift glance down the makeup aisle of the local drugstore, and you have experienced it. Makeup, makeup, makeup, everywhere!

Beauty Product Reviews: Helping You Choose

With such a large selection and new products arriving every day, how does one choose? If you bought every hot new product to give it a try, you would surely break the bank. Samples for specific products can be hard to come by, and testers almost nonexistent - or, completely contaminated with germs.

That's where we come in. LoveToKnow's expert makeup editors, made up of makeup artists and other experts who have a passion for makeup, share their experiences with the hottest products on the market. By checking out our beauty product reviews you get the scoop before you buy that 'must-have' product.

From MAC eye liner to Maki-Yaz Mineral Makeup, from budget beauty products like ELF lip gloss to favorite professional makeup products like NARS Orgasm, there are dozens of brands and products reviewed here to help you find the products that are right for you and your budget.

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Beauty Product Reviews